*** 4 Devices To Make Your Camping Trip Easier

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Once upon a time, camping meant roughing it out in the great outdoors. A tent, a sleeping bag and a pan to cook* with were about the only accessories you needed if you were heading into the countryside to spend some time sleeping under the stars.

(* oh and if you’re a 13 year old Becster then you would also take a Pot Noodle with you!)

Advances in technology have affected every area of our lives and camping hasn’t been immune to them. While some would say that items such as a pocket shower or a stove that doubles up as a phone charger take away the disconnection from the real world that is one of camping’s main selling points, there are plenty of other people for whom devices that bring the experience into the 21 st century are far more likely to have them reaching for the tent and roll matt.

Here are four devices that can make your camping trip easier.

A pocket shower

One of the most off-putting things about camping can be the showers, or lack of. If you’re out in the wilderness, then chances are you aren’t going to have the relevant facilities to wash your hair or body and if you are at a genuine campsite, then it is pretty likely that the shower block
will resemble a horror movie bathroom scene. Pocket showers change all that, providing short bursts of water from a device that you can hang to a tree with to an adjustable cord. Some even contain solar panels, heating the water contained within the pocket shower until you require it, meaning you can start every day with a warm, refreshing shower.

A generator

You might be in the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you need to go without electricity. Whether it be powering a fridge for you to keep those all-important camping beers in or providing coolness or warmth depending on the demand, a generator can play a huge role in ensuring that your camping trip is that much more enjoyable. While you might think a generator is too heavy an item to transport around, a model like the Predator Generator 8750 Weight is extremely light, making it a realistic option to carry into the great outdoors.

A sleeping bag suit

Unless you were living on a colony on Mars in 2012, you won’t have been able to avoid the onesie craze which swept Britain. Essentially a baby grow for adults, the onesie provided warmth and comfort with an all-in-one-suit that virtually everybody was wearing six years ago. It
will come as little surprise then to hear that at some point, the onesie and the sleeping bag merged to create the sleeping bag suit. The sleeping bag suit provides the owner with comfortable bedding to sleep in by night and, thanks to it having appropriate areas for arms and
legs, a warm outfit to walk around in by day.

A woodburning stove that doubles up as a power source

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the heat and energy produced when you cook your food while camping to produce electricity? With a woodburning stove that doubles up as a power source, you can. The stove burns fallen branches or small pieces of firewood, allowing you to cook your dinner with an elevated cooking fire while capturing the thermal energy produced to charge electrical devices such as mobile phones or tablets at the same time.

I’ve not been camping since that fateful night at Llyn Adar with my Dad. I think I was around 13 or so at the time and I managed to convince my Dad that we had to take Jimmy Jones with us (and a Pot Noodle). Needless to say, no-one got any sleep (and the Pot Noodle was never eaten!).

Are you a fan of camping? Do you think these devices would make your camping trip easier?

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