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Christmas Present Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas Presents For Toddlers

I know it’s only just turned August but today I started thinking about Christmas. Well I thought I should start getting some items for the girls now so I don’t max out a credit card over Christmas period.

My Little Pony Go Glow Projector

Saw this being advertised on Nick Jr and I think it’s so cool! Little Miss does enjoy MLP so I may just get her this for Christmas. The light also projects images onto the wall. She already has a nightlight – a plain old dimmer lamp from Argos but this would be so much better!

Paw Patrol

There’s a plethora of Paw Patrol stuff out there now but when we went looking last year there was hardly anything on the shelves in Toys R Us. But I want to get her some new books because I’m getting fed up of reading “Chase is on the Case” on loop!

Crayola Wonder Magic

I came across these in Tesco once and they’re fab! The felt tips only work on this special paper and it is completely mess free! We bought a Paw Patrol one but it didn’t last long. It was quite pricey but worth the money. Although I have seen some at ridiculously high prices on Amazon. The above for example is for sale for approx £269 and honestly you must be bloody kidding if you expect me to buy felt tips and paper for that price!

Frozen – Elsa’s Costume

Little Miss is slightly obsessed with Frozen (yes we’re two years late but hey!). Her “thing” at the moment is putting a blanket around her (like Elsa’s cape) and sing Let It Go. And by sing Let It Go I mean she sings “let it go, let it go, ca hold me back no mow”. Ahh love my girl but sometimes I wish she’d learn the whole song!

Now Disney

And carrying on from the singing I think I’d like to get her this CD so she might just learn to sing some different songs! And honestly, hubby and I would enjoy it! I can just see us singing along loudly to Hakuna Matata in the car! 😀

I have no idea what to get MissMostyn though because she’s in the unfortunate position of being the second child so she gets Little Miss’ cast offs! Poor mite! Also she (currently) is of the age where she hasn’t taken a liking to anything specific. So wish me luck with ideas for that little one!

Have you got any toddlers? What are you getting them for Christmas and what did you think to my selection?

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  • Reply Anca

    I used to run around the house with a “cape” (bedspread) and saying I was a princess. :)) Although, it paid off as now I live in a kingdom.
    I imagine is hard to find something for MissMostyn as she is small. x

    August 8, 2016 at 1:11 pm
  • Reply Rachel Swirl

    We have the Now Disney album and couldnt be without it, as for the projector what a fabbbb idea!

    August 8, 2016 at 10:40 pm
  • Reply Jess Powell

    Oh my gosh, that mess free colouring set sounds amazing! I have this weird phobia of chalk (ugh, just typing it…) so Marianna doesn’t get to try colouring / drawing as much as I’d like as I don’t trust her not to go for the walls the instant my back is turned. 🙂

    August 11, 2016 at 9:14 pm
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