7 Welsh Programmes I’ve Enjoyed This Year

6 of the 7 Welsh language programmes I've enjoyed this year - Dianc!, Celwydd Noeth, Ward Plant, Bwyd Epic Chris, Antur Natur Cyw, Galw Nain Nain NAin

For those of you who don’t live in Wales, you might not know that we have a Welsh language tv station here called S4C. All the programmes on it are Welsh language and I believe it broadcasts 24/7. There’s a daily soap called Pobol Y Cwm, lots of kids TV shows (some originals, some translated), dramas, comedies, reality shows – you name it, they’ve got it. So let me share just some of the programmes I’ve enjoyed on S4C this year….

1) Dianc

Two guys blindfolded and tied together on a beach on a sunny day

Diolch i S4C am y llun

Let me start with the newest show on tv. So the concept is that two strangers are coupled together, are blindfolded and dropped off at a random location. From there they are given clues and tasks in order to try and reach an end location upon where there’s a safe to find. The safe contains £1000 prize money – the one who finds it gets to choose to split or steal…. so it was fun seeing how that turned out.

2) Ben Dant

Ben Dant and me! I was extremely happy to meet him!

(I was extremely happy to meet Ben Dant!)

Next on the list is a family favourite… Ben Dant is a kids tv programme which has been around for a while. Ben Dant is a pirate captain who challenges kids to do tasks to earn keys. If the children complete the task successfully they earn a key which is used to open a treasure chest. Only one of the keys will successfully open the treasure chest. My littlest absolutely ADORES Ben Dant! Although when we had the opportunity to meet him back in June, I might have been a little bit more excited than the girls! 😀

3) Antur Natur Cyw

Antur Natur Cyw - Gethin posing with a turtle at a zoo

Diolch i S4C am y llun

Another children’s show on the list! This one sees Cyw and his friends meet up with Gethin and friends to discuss animals in the wild. Each show focuses on a different wild animal with clips of them in their natural habitat whilst also visiting them in a zoo. Facts about the animals are presented in a cute and fun way. Also in each episode Gethin, Cyw and friends take part in a nature activity for example in one episode they build a DIY wormery!

4) Ward Plant

Ward Plant - five wonderful nurses posing at the children's ward

Diolch i S4C am y llun

A more serious programme following the patients of a children’s ward here in North Wales. It’s a little difficult to watch on occasions as some of these little children are so ill. It’s heartbreaking to see them suffer. It wasn’t all sad though as the series showed the wonderful work done by the doctors and nurses at Ysbyty Gwynedd who keep these children safe and as happy as they can be whilst being on the ward.

5) Galw Nain Nain Nain

Galw Nain Nain Nain - a grandmother sat in front of a screen showing images of their grandchild on a date.

Diolch i S4C am y llun

This one is a dating show with a twist. Each episode sees an individual go out for a meal with and be paired up with a different partner per course. The twist comes in that the restaurant is rigged with cameras and the individual who’s on the date, has an earpiece where their grandmother (Nain) directs them what to say. At the end of the meal, it’s Nain who gets to choose who goes on a second date with their grandchild.

6) Bwyd Epic Chris


(Diolch i Cwmni Da am y llun / Thanks to Cwmni Da for the photo)

A cooking programme following a Caernarfon chef – Chris “Foodgasm” Roberts. Chris shares his favourite foods including local produce such as mussels from the Menai Straits. It was filmed during the summer of 2018 and Chris would pop up at random locations around town cooking up a storm – from seafood paella on Cei Llechi to goat meat kebabs at Caernarfon Kebabs. I don’t know how I managed to miss ALL the pop up cookups! Chris has become a bit of a celebrity now (check his Instagram) and was even featured in George and Larry Lamb’s cycling Britain programmes. Although if I’m honest, the REAL star of the show is Roxy – Chris’ beautiful dog! (Sori Chris!)

7) Celwydd Noeth

The host Nia stood at the podium in front of the Celwydd Noeth screen

(Diolch i Cwmni Da am y llun / Thanks to Cwmni Da for the photo)

If you’re a longtime reader you’ll know that my husband has been a contestant on this quiz show. We love it! The concept is that you’re given a series of facts and you have to identify which fact is incorrect. The further on you get in the quiz, the more facts you get to decipher and more money is at stake. The husband and his friend won £2500 between them – not too shabby!

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched much on S4C for some years but I’m so pleased to have found these gems on it.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next year and I hope that these will be recommissioned for next year. Oh and to my non-Welsh speaking friends…. THERE’S ENGLISH SUBTITLES! So you have NO EXCUSE!

Did you know that we had a Welsh language tv station here in Wales? Have you ever seen S4C? What do you think to my picks from 2018?

7 Welsh Language Programmes I've Enjoyed in 2018 including Dianc!, Antur Natur Cyw, Galw Nain Nain Nain, Bwyd Epic Chris, Ben Dant, Celwydd Noeth, Ward Plant

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