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This is part of Manda’s monthly linkup – A Day In The Life. I was supposed to document the 10th of April but a) I forgot, b) other than Little Miss being 3 months (!!!) it was a boring day and c) sunday was so much more interesting! It’s taken me all week to get this post done because I’ve been out everyday but here it is finally!


Little Miss started chatting away in her Moses basket. And because it’s her christening day I got up to try and feed her so that she could have her second feed just before we go out. As it turns out she didn’t want food so we went down to watch Tangled.


Hubby and I had breakfast and then he took over Little Miss duties whilst I had a bath.


I had yet to get dressed as there was no point until after I fed Little Miss – knowing my luck she would have thrown up over my outfit! My friend arrived to find me still in my dressing gown! Hubby took over whilst I went to get dressed. I had been down to town yesterday to have a look for an outfit and was undecided – in the end I opted for the first blouse (mainly because they didn’t have the third one in my size)!


Hubby got Little Miss dressed in he outfit. The dress was not easy to put on! But she did look super cute in her dress and shoes! I love baby shoes!



By now we were in Menai Bridge and I waited around for my family so I could guide them to the chapel. By around 9.40am everyone except for my other best friend (also a godmother) had arrived.


The service was due to start at 10am and my friend has still not arrived! I love her to bits but she’s a scatterbrain so I thought I should give her a ring to see where she was – just in case she’d forgotten! She has just crossed the bridge over to the island so I waits for her to arrive and walked with her and her family up to the chapel. She has 3 children – a 6 year old, a 17mth old and an 8 week old baby! To be honest there’s no wonder she’s scatty! My mind would be mush if I had 3 kids to try and get out the house with!

10am – 11am

The service lasted for an hour or so. The christening was taking place as part of the chapel’s Sunday service. It was also Psalm Sunday so the service was a bit longer than usual. I’m not the religious type so sitting through any sort of service is a bit of a struggle for me, but it wasn’t too bad a service. Not too preachy or holier than thou attitude.

Little Miss was as good as gold throughout the service and didn’t cry once. She didn’t even cry when the vicar did the holy cross on with water on her forehead.


We all headed up to the Victoria Hotel for a buffet lunch. We were a bit early so the food wasn’t out waiting for us so we mingled with our guests. Little Miss was handed around everyone and she was all smiles with everyone which was great! And finally my Dad got to see her awake and got to have a cuddle! He complains that he never sees her yet when I go up to my hometown he’s never home!


I was soooo hungry but didn’t notice that they had brought the food out (because I was chatting to family and friends) . By the time I got to the table there was only the salmon sandwiches, the prawn vol au vents (ych!) and one (ONE!) chicken nugget left! My step brother gave me his chicken nuggets bless him! And he also shared his chips with me!


My mother in law had made a sponge cake for the christening. I ddidnt take many photos of the day because my brother in law’s partner was doing the photography for us. I haven’t had the photos from him yet so for now you’ll have to make do with my crappy photos I’m afraid! It was a real nice cake and she’d made little pink booties in icing as the topper and had written her name in pink icing. Really lovely!



The rest of the afternoon was spent mingling with our guests and having photos taken. I can’t wait to see the official photos. Everyone started leaving and we were home by 2.30ish. My friend left for home as she had some distance to travel. So we opened the prezzies that Little Miss had received. People are too kind! Here’s a selection of what she received. The silver pram is actually a money box that my Nain (so her great-Nain) gave her and we are to keep this on the mantelpiece so every time Nain come over she can put money in it for her.


There’s a few items she got that I haven’t photographed (a silver bangle that Mam gave her – she gave it to her on her birth which I’ll keep with her Christening stuff). The biggest one is a word art in the shape of a foot – exactly like the second one on this page.. It’s absolutely gorgeous except there is one fatal flaw in it – it doesn’t include Little Miss’s full name. They’d left out her first middle name which to me is as important as her first name as it’s a dedication to my Taid. Such a shame.


Hubby and Little Miss fell asleep for a couple of hours whilst I played on the computer for a while.


Hubby put Little Miss to bed with no fuss which was surprising. She’s been very unsettled recently and I thought she’d be a nightmare after seeing so many people!

I made food whilst he put her to bed. Boiled potatoes with some rice, salad and ham. It was very healthy and nice – I did put lots of salad cream on it though!



The rest of the evening consisted of catching up on the telly (no F1 though). At around 10ish we went to bed and gave Little Miss another change and feed. I was working the following day so I set my alarm for 6am thinking that I probably wouldn’t need it with Little Miss!


So that was my A Day In The Life for April. Next day is May 22!


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  1. 20th Apr 2014 / 11:16 am

    Sounds like a long, but fun, day! I’m glad your friend ended up making it! I can’t imagine what 3 kids under 7 would be like, hectic I bet 😛

    The cake looks lovely!

    • Becster
      26th Apr 2014 / 8:43 am

      It was a nice day! I honestly don’t know how she does it! And yes the cake was very nice! 😀

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