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Wow I can’t believe it’s time for another A Day In The Life Of post – part of Manda’s linkup! Go join in today! I think the actual date was 5th July but I had totally forgotten so I’m doing 6th July instead.


I woke up thinking it was more towards 6am and that Little Miss was stirring. Imagine my thoughts when I saw it was only 4am! Checked on Little Miss and she was still fast asleep. I went back to sleep.



Little Miss was awake and happily playing with her toys in her cot. Unfortunately her cot is still in our bedroom until end of the month so she woke me up as well. I checked my phone and saw it was just about 6am. So I brought Little Miss (and Mr Bwns) to our bed for a cuddle. We both fell asleep again. Sleepy cuddles are the best!


Little Miss woke up at 7.45am. So we started getting ourselves ready for the day. I changed and dressed Little Miss whilst hubby went to Hoover the sitting room. We bring the dogs through in the evenings so the place is covered in dog hair therefore we Hoover every morning before putting Little Miss’ playmat down.

After she was dressed I took her down to the kitchen and sat her in her highchair for breakfast. As it turns out I didn’t have any breakfast pots for her so she had an apple and banana pudding pot instead. She ate it ALL! She likes her food! 🙂 In between feeding her, hubby and I also had breakfast and fed the dogs.


After she’d finished breakfast we took her to the sitting room and I out her dress on her – I leave that off until she’s finished with breakfast (messy business!). Hubby took over babysitting duties and I left them to it.

I went upstairs to get changed. I didn’t have a shower since hubby is in the middle of ‘renovating’ our ensuite. He’s redone some grouting/sealant in the shower and has out some towel rails behind the door (thank you Pinterest)! This means the shower is off limits today. I’m hoping he gets it finished today because I’ll need a shower before going to work tomorrow!

After I had a wash I had a look what I was going to wear today. It’s not a difficult job for me since my style is pretty much jeans, t-shirt and hoodie! But I had a look at which t-shirt to wear – I tried a couple on but found that most of them are a bit tight since I’ve put weight in again. So I was debating between Jurrasic Park or Ussain Bolt Danger Mouse! Since I’ve been wearing the Jurrasic Park one a lot recently I decided on Danger Mouse!


I went downstairs to look after Little Miss whilst hubby had a quick bath. The rest of the morning was spent playing with Little Miss and doing some cross stitch. I’ve started yet another new project yesterday!!


We started thinking about lunch and noticed that our cupboards were bare! So we decided to walk down to the local shop to buy some provisions – some bacon and bread! Oh and hubby bought himself a bottle of wine. Megs and Gemma seemed to enjoy their walk given the happy smile of Megs’ face!


We got home and Little Miss was still fast asleep in her pram so we left her there whilst we set our rice and bacon and started watching the F1 build up. Little Miss woke up around 12.30pm so we took her through to the kitchen and gave her some cauliflower cheese for lunch. I feel like such a bad mam for feeding her ready made pots but I tried making my own puréed veg and she didn’t like it! So ready made pots it is!


We all sat down to watch the British Grand Prix. It was a fantastic race! A great battle between Vettel and Alonso and it was hilarious listening to their team radio rants! And there was a big first lap accident involving Kimi Raikkonen that delayed the race for an hour! Lewis Hamilton went on to win after Nico Rosberg had a DNF so the crowd went wild! A Brit on the top step always goes down well at Silverstone!

5.30 – 8pm

We gave Little Miss her dinner and then took the dogs for another walk! Two walks in day – never been seen before! But it was nice weather so why not!

After coming home we put Little Miss to bed, tidied the kitchen and them hubby, me and the dogs settled in the living room to watch some telly.

8pm – 11pm

The rest of the evening was spent in the living room with the dogs. Hubby playing World of Warcraft whilst I carried on with my latest cross stitch project. Little Miss was upstairs sleeping and didn’t make any fuss so we had a good evening.


Ok so it took me a whole week to write this post! I’ve been distracted by work and cross stitch! Hope everyone’s had a great week!


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  1. 16th Jul 2014 / 8:00 am

    Ooh, your cross stitch project looks pretty!

    I can’t get over how cute Megs is. I want to steal her 😉

    • Becster
      17th Jul 2014 / 9:09 pm

      Ahh I did a little mistake in it already but never mind I’ve managed to wangle it!

      Don’t be fooled by that little face – she’s such a yappy little dog!

  2. Kelly
    22nd Jul 2014 / 2:26 pm

    Dangit I always forget what the time difference is (5hours? 6hours?). If I woke you up I’m soooo sorry, I absolutely loathe waking people up.

    Your cross stitch is beautiful, I can’t believe how quickly you get them done! Do you use a pattern that shows you what it’ll look like or do you just do it from “creative juice”?

    • Becster
      22nd Jul 2014 / 7:44 pm

      You didn’t wake me up so don’t worry! It’s always nice to wake up to a message! Makes you feel loved! 🙂 Not sure how much the time difference – it’s around 5 hour I think.

      Noooo I’m not that creative! I always follow a pattern. Although I have done my own patterns before now. I tend to start projects and never finish them. 🙁

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