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Yesterday was the date for March’s A Day In The Life – part of Manda’s Monthly Link Up.


Little Miss woke for her nighttime feed. Fairplay she’s started sleeping from 10pm through to 4am which is good news for us because at least she gives us some time for a proper snooze. She had a decent feed and then refused to settle for me so I had to wake hubby up to settle her. He has magic in his blood because she settles instantly for him!


Little Miss woke up for the day. So she had a nappy change, clothing change, a wash and food again. She had a quick cuddle with daddy before he left for work. Mam is staying with us at the moment (until the house is ready) so I took Little Miss upstairs to wake her up. They had a chat and Little Miss gave her the most beautiful smiles whilst I went to phone the doctor’s surgery. Managed to finally get an appointment to see one! Yay!


Mam left for work and Little Miss settled in front of the telly to watch the end of Cars. She fell asleep quite quickly so I managed to eat my breakfast and have a cup of tea. And started watching Antz.


Mother in law arrived to look after Little Miss whilst I went to the doctors. Little Miss wasn’t amused and screamed!! I managed to settle her after a nappy change and a little feed. She was all smiles with MIL when I left.


Sat at the doctors waiting for my turn. Already 30mins after my appointment time! I don’t get why every doctors surgery runs late??

But I did bump into my midwife in the waiting room and had a catch up. She is so lovely!



I finally get to go in! My name didn’t come up in the screen so the doctor had to phone the receptionist to come find me! Embarrassing!


Came out of the doctors – have to go back in 3 weeks if I’m still the same – and popped over to Asda to pick up the essentials. After getting back home I took the bin back up to the house. (What an exciting life I lead!)



Little Miss was zonked on Mother-In-Law so I had lunch – pasta with cheese and ham, followed by cake and a panad! Nothing beats an egg custard tart with a panad!


After lunch Little Miss woke up and we had a bit of a play with her toys on the playmat. She has mastered the art of grabbing things now and has started to grab her dangly toys and pull at them so they sing. The look of concentration on her face is a picture! I managed to get it on video for daddy to see!

4pm – 5pm

And that’s how the afternoon passed. She had a play and then a snooze. Mother in law left at around 4pm and Little Miss woke up from her nap wanting a feed. So I gave her food and we settled down in front of Ratatouille. She fell asleep in my chest for a while.

I had my iPad to hand so I started googling for Steampunk clothing for the hubby. His friend is celebrating their first wedding anniversary in April and they are having a Steampunk themed party. I’m not going because I need to take of Little Miss.

6pm – 7pm

Hubby gets home and takes over the Little Miss duties. She had cuddles with daddy before having a feed and settled down upstairs for her first sleep stint. I went down to start on food – gammon with chips, veg, pineapple and parsley sauce. Mmmmmm was yummy!



Whilst eating food we watched Neighbours and then Pointless. After that hubby put Sky Sports on so he could see the football results come in. His team (Sheffield Wednesday) was playing. Whilst he was watching that I had cuddles with my other babies!


I fancied some pudding so I had two of these little Screwball ice creams which were very nice! Megs fancied some as well! Oh and the game I’m playing on the iPad is Campus Life – hey don’t judge! I enjoy it!


9pm – 9.30pm

I went to the kitchen to tidy up and clean out her bottles ready to be put into the steriliser. The little bottles all have 5oz of formula ready for any nighttime feeds.




We woke Little Miss up to give her the final nappy change and feed before the second sleep stint.

So that was my somewhat uneventful day! Monday was busier due to me going to work in the afternoon. I might have to go in next month as well because they can’t cope without me! (That’s not true but they did ask if I wouldn’t mind going in to sort a complicated job because no one else can do it).

Hope Tuesday was a good day for you!


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  1. Kelly
    19th March 2014 / 6:07 pm

    Oh my goodness, how you have enough energy to do anything is amazing. I would be completely exhausted with the schedule you had today!

    Our trash/recycle day is also Tuesday. I’m such a nerd, I love knowing we have more things to recycle than throw away. Oh, and doctors offices are never on time here either (yet require you to be there 15 min early.)

    I hope they don’t have Campus Life on my iPhone, I don’t need another game to be addicted to, haha!

    • Becster
      20th March 2014 / 8:14 pm

      It’s amazing how you find the energy! I never thought I would be able to do it! But I do get to catch up on some sleep at weekends when hubby takes over baby duties.

      Doctors surgeries are a nightmare! The day I’ll be running late is the day they’ll be on time! Anyway I don’t think I’ll need to go back now! Yay!

      Haha it is on the iPhone but don’t download it!

  2. 19th March 2014 / 7:00 pm

    My little brother loves Cars!

    Mmm, gammon and chips. Delicious.

    • Becster
      20th March 2014 / 8:17 pm

      It’s a good film!! I prefer the first film than the sequel.

      It was really nice!!

      • 21st March 2014 / 11:44 am

        I haven’t seen the sequel. He has made me watch Planes twice now though! Not bad considering I rarely see him.

  3. cosmogirl2100
    19th March 2014 / 9:03 pm

    Wow, how do you manage everything? Mothers have to be superwomen I guess 🙂

    And that custard tart sure looks yummy!

    • Becster
      20th March 2014 / 8:19 pm

      Lol like I said above, it’s amazing how you suddenly find so much more energy!!

      And yes it was really yummy – which is why I had 3! (Not all in one go though!)

  4. 24th March 2014 / 2:47 am

    I love egg custard tarts and I love baked beans. (Eaten separately, of course.) Mmmm. Now I’m hungry!

    • Becster
      25th March 2014 / 9:36 pm

      Ooo yes I wouldn’t suggest egg custard tarts with beans!!

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