Aber Falls

Aber Falls - some images from our family friendly walk to Aber Falls

On Sunday we joined a group walk to Aber Falls organised by Potty Adventures. It was such a good walk and something I hope to repeat again.

Aber Falls

Aber Falls or Rhaeadr Fawr as it’s known in Welsh, is a beautiful waterfall located in Snowdonia,  approximately 2 miles from the village of Abergwyngregyn. I’m going to be honest, I’ve lived in Snowdonia all my life and I had ever even heard of Aber Falls until around 2-3 years ago! See, even as a local, there are still hidden gems to be found.

Potty Adventures Group Walk

My eldest with Potty Adventures eldest climbing the rocks at Aber Falls.

So when David of Potty Adventures posted in the Facebook group that they were organising a family friendly walk I jumped at the chance! Ideally it was arranged for Sunday when the husband would be working and I had the girls on my own. It’s always nice to have company on walks. If you’re interested in any group walks/adventures – family friendly, adult only etc then check out the Potty Adventures Community on Facebook. There are lots of things coming up!

Walking with Kids

My eldest stood in front of Welsh Slate fencing with a bright blue sky behind her.

As I mentioned, Aber Falls is approximately 2 miles from the village of Abergwyngregyn. So as you can imagine, it’s a long walk for small feet. They managed it however Littlest did annoy me as she wanted “up” all the time. As I said, it was a bit far but they can walk far when bribery is involved! My mistake is that I bribed them with food to be had at the waterfall whereas I should’ve had sweets or something in my pocket for the journey. Lesson learned! Next time I will have some treats in my pocket – like walking the dogs!!

Picnic by the Falls

Two shots of Aber Falls - on the left the falls in the background and the bridge in the foreground. On the right the falls from our little picnic ledge

At the waterfall we took a few photos and then we crossed the river to sit down on the embankment to have a picnic. David being the pro-adventurer he is, had come prepared with a tarpaulin sort of cover so everyone could sit on. Genius!

Return Walk

The walk back down was much nicer as everyone had been fed so there was less tantrums! On the way back down the sun came out and it was beautiful! The kids had a great time splashing in muddy puddles – thankfully they were wearing their wellies and waterproofs. I made a little video of the walk. Sorry about the shaky footage but I wasn’t the one filming most of it.

Have you ever been to Aber Falls?

Aber Falls - a beautiful waterfall approx 2miles from Abergwyngregyn in Snowdonia. I've lived here all my life and I never knew about it until around 2-3 years ago. It was worth the walk! We had a lovely picnic at the falls. Wonderful walk!

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