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We did it! We’re all done! And we had a day to spare! I didn’t have to work on Saturday other than ring my boss who had texted to ask if we were sure everything was done! But what a week I tell you! Little Miss has had a cold and hubby and myself weren’t too great either… but more on that in a moment. Here’s a little re-cap of the week… with pictures!! 

Monday to Wednesday

Can’t even remember Monday to Wednesday  other than the fact that I received this in the post on Wednesday! I was looking at the stamp thinking “Who on earth do I know in Australia?” when I saw it was from Freemantle Media (the company who do Neighbours!). This is when I clicked what it was and got over excited! I subscribed to the Alan Fletcher mailing list and as a subscribed I got a birthday card signed by Alan Fletcher aka Doctor Karl Kennedy in Neighbours! You have no idea how awesome this is! Made my day for sure!



It happened to be my birthday on Thursday. Work was hectic and even though I had planned on leaning at 5pm (i.e. on time!) I actually didn’t make it out the door until 5.45pm. But once I got home Little Miss gave me this that she had made with her Nain. Awww! (She obviously didn’t write it!)

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Thursday evening was spent having a lovely homemade chicken dinner a la my Mam. She does the best chicken dinner in the world and her gravy is to die for! Mmmmm!

Hubby had bought me a cake which we got stuck into after Little Miss had gone to bed. We had cake with a panad and watched Forrest Gump – honestly if you don’t cry watching it there must be something wrong with you!

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Due to Little Miss having what I thought was a cold and was up at 4am again I decided I had to take her to the doctor’s. Since my work had been done by Thursday and I was actually helping out with other people’s I decided to sod work and take Little Miss in. She’s my priority at the end of the day and now that the cold wasn’t clearing well work just had to wait. I texted my boss at 7.30am and he was fine about it. I managed to get a doctor’s appointment – near on impossible to get an appointment here! – and took her in. Doctor diagnosed “viral bronchiolitis” which is similar to bronchitis but affects almost every child by the time they’re 3 years old. She’s now on steroid tablets to try and clear it. She’s fine during the day but at night she gets wheezy and coughs and splutters.

Thankfully Nain was looking after her so I still managed to get to the office. It was another long day – not out of the office until 6pm. But everything was done which meant not working on Saturday – yay!! My boss thanked me for working late and said he couldn’t have done it without me – awww! Always good to hear that!


Since I wasn’t working (yay!) we decided to go out for the afternoon. Some fresh air would do us all some good. So we went to Llandudno * as we needed to exchange a top that my Mam had bought hubby for Christmas. We also visited HMV and bought the new Meghan Trainor album for Mam.

* (On the way to Llandudno I had a text from my boss asking if we were sure we were all done – I ended up on the phone with him for 30mins or so! There’s no getting away from work!)

We decided to give Wetherspoons a miss since the last two times I’ve been the food has been a bit horrible. We decided to try out Harvey’s New York Grill and Bar. It’s been open for a while but we had never been in there. It’s an American Steakhouse themed restaurant and served up some nice food – a tad expensive but overall was good. I had the Chicken Quesedillas and hubby had some sort of burger. Little Miss tried some of my guacamole but wasn’t too impressed! Then to top it off we had a chocolate brownie sundae to share. Little Miss loved that!


After coming home we all fell asleep on the sofa. It was lovely!


Getting back to normal after a month of hard work… caught up with some housework and shopping. Then another nap for us all! A lazy Sunday really!

So that was my little update. My next quest is to catch up with some blogs as I’ve pretty much missed all of January! Hope all is well with everyone!


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  1. 4th February 2015 / 6:18 pm

    Phew, I’m exhausted just reading this! Well done you for getting through. And happy belated birthday.

    I’m currently sat on the computer at home in my supposed freee time finishing off some work. Grrr.

    • Becster
      9th February 2015 / 1:43 pm

      Thank you! This week is a bit of a slump in comparison to January – whilst it may be busy it’s actually pretty awesome!

      Don’t spend too much of your freetime working!

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