Antenatal Classes

We’ve started the antenatal classes now. They’re very interesting sessions and the midwife is funny and engaging. She’s so down to earth and easy to talk to! The first one was last week and we discussed the stages of labour. we were given a quiz and the questions included “what is the first stage of labour? What is the transitional phase of labour?” As someone said, we have no idea which is why we’re here! The second session was yesterday afternoon. We talked about pain relief during labour and ways to reduce the labour time. The midwife explained what an epidural is and I think I’ve decided against that if it’s possible. If I’m having a home birth then I can’t have the epidural anyway as it requires an anaesthetist to administer. The midwives won’t be able to do that.

I’m thinking of getting a birth ball. They’re supposed to help with posture and getting the baby into a good position (baby is currently breach so I’m going to have to try and move her around). Apparently there’s no difference between a birthing ball and an exercise ball. I had a look at this website and it looks good!


Also I’m thinking of getting a birth pool. I’m not a water baby but when I used to get period pains (very bad cramps) being in the bath helped. I’m going for a home birth if all is well so I think the birth pool would help a lot with the pain relief. From what the midwife said you can hire them or buy them. I’m thinking of buying one and then it can be used as a paddling pool in the summer!!


After the class I had an appointment with the nurse to have a flu and whopping cough jabs. The nurse said that I could be ill afterwards and today I was. I woke up today feeling rotten. Had a headache and a sore throat. I phoned work and and said I wasn’t coming in today. I stayed in bed for hours! I then got a terrible back ache and had to go for a bath. Very relaxing!


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