Attingham Park

Attingham Park

One of our stop overs on the way down to Centre Parcs was at Attingham Park near Shrewsbury. We stopped to have a spot of lunch and a bit of a play in the play area before the second part of our journey. We didn’t get a chance to explore much but I did notice that there was a tour guide. We’ll have to go back for another visit – especially now that we have National Trust cards.

Food at the Stables Cafe

Attingham Park

The food here was amazing! And the setting was pretty great too. The cafe is located in the converted stables and looks out over the forecourt. For food I had the gnochi and it was delicious! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the courtyard but it was really lovely!

Attingham Park

After food we went for a stroll around the grounds. We stopped by the vegetable garden and we had a browse at the greenhouse. I saw some cucumbers being grown – never knew they grew from trees! Or maybe they weren’t cucumbers? I’m not a gardener – clearly!

Children’s Play Area

Attingham Park

The main reason we stopped off here on the way is because there was a children’s play area. As Nain cleverly noted, the girls could run around a bit before continuing on with the rest of the journey. There were swings, slides, a roundabout and a climbing mound. There was plenty of space and enough room for a few older lads (and Dads) to have a bit of a kick about. Even though it was a busy day at Attingham Park, the children’s play area wasn’t at all bad. The girls had a great time on the swings. Oh and most importantly there was a food van in the field which served ice cream!

Archery Tournament

Archery at Attingham Park

On the day we were there there was an archery tournament going on. We watched it for a bit. Some people have some skill! I got chatting to someone on Instagram who said that they had a bit of excitement when a Beagle ran onto the field! It wasn’t ours I must add!

Have you ever been to Attingham Park?


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