August Bucket List

August Bucket List

Ok I’m a bit late to get started with an August Bucket List but better late than never eh? I don’t think I ever compiled a July Bucket List but the only thing I had on the list was having a great holiday with the girls! JOB DONE! So what’s on the August Bucket List?

August Bucket List

At the time of writing this, some of these have already been done. But here’s the list!

– New sofa delivery
– Paint the front room
– Put up a mirror above the fireplace (yes still not done it)
– Sort out the toys
– Meet up with my two best friends who both have their birthdays in August (on same day!)
– Fully utilise my Bullet Journal
– Publish at least 3 blog posts a week
– Comment on 5 blog posts every 2 days
– Finish the Easy Does It programme
– Take my tablets & inhalers properly
– Cut out (most) unhealthy snacks

Health Focus

My main focus this month is my health really. I’m seriously fed up of feeling frumpy and having clothes not really fit. So I’m taking action! The last three points on this list is to try and get my health back on track. I’ve been lax on the tablets and inhalers but I’m now trying make sure I’m taking them as prescribed. I’ve found that my asthma has improved and I hardly use the Ventolin now that I’m taking the steroids properly. The thyroxine tablets I’m hoping will make a difference over the coming months but I need to go back for another checkup to make sure I’m on the correct dosage.

I’ve also started keeping a food diary to note down what I eat. I know what my problem is but now that I’m actually writing down what I eat I see a pattern. I pretty much need to feed every 2 hours! So I’m trying to stop the ice buns (doing well actually!) and substitute the chocolate for fruit. I’ll let you know next month how it’s going.

What do you have on your August Bucket List?


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