Autumn TV Favourites

Autumn TV Favourites

I love this time of year. The nights close in which means it’s perfect time to snuggle in front of your ultra HD TV Panasonic (with a panad and cake of course). But what do you watch? Here are my:

Autumn TV Favourites

(CAREFUL – contains spoilers)

1) The Apprentice

October always brings a new series of The Apprentice. Good old Lord Sugar (he’s still Sir Alan in my mind) puts 15 (supposedly) business people to the test to see who’s good enough to become his next business partner.

Now of course these people are not he best business people in the UK they’re simply the ones who applied to be on the show.

Some of them will genuinely be business savvy but mix those people in with some other game hungry idiots and you’re guaranteed a good show!

(We’re now 3 weeks in and I’ll be honest, not impressed this year!)

2) The Flash

Hubby has been watching all the DC shows and I just can’t get into Arrow at all. But The Flash I did enjoy and so I’m glad to hear it’s back.

3) Celwydd Noeth

Celwydd Noeth

(Diolch i Cwmni Da am y llun / Thanks to Cwmni Da for the photo)

Yes folks I’m giving you a Welsh language programme choice as well. The main reason is because my hubby is a contestant (see the filming fiasco last year). Him and his mate will be on the show on 27th Oct and 3rd Nov.

To give you the gist, two contestants are given a number of statements – but one is a lie. The contestants have to find the lie.

It’s a really good quiz show! Yes it’s in Welsh but there are English subtitles so you have no excuse!

4) Nashville

I’ve previously mentioned that I love this show and FINALLY series 4 has hit the UK.

Series 3 ended with a flatline during Deacon’s liver operation so in series 4 we find out what’s happened. I mean, they couldn’t kill Deacon off could they?!

Juliette is suffering from post natal depression which leads to her do crazy things.

But OMG THEY KILLED JEFF?!! I know he was a bit of a scumbag but OMG THEY KILLED JEFF?!

So that’s my 4 TV choices for this Autumn. What are you watching?

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  1. 15th Oct 2016 / 11:18 am

    I love the Apprentice too. I would also watch The Flash with my husband, he is the one who likes it. x
    I hope your hubby will have a wonderful time at the show. Good luck.

  2. 15th Oct 2016 / 8:43 pm

    I haven’t watched much TV lately, apart fom the odd documentary. I do enjoy watching First Dates which is on at the moment.

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