Awesome Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Your Children

Do you want to make wonderful memories with your children for you treasure for years to come? If so, you need to look beyond unforgettable trips to the movies or family meals that blend into one. To ensure your kids have plenty to smile about in the future, we are offering alternative ways to spend time with your children.

A Daily Selfie

Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Your Children

Give your child the gift of memories by taking photos together every day. Not only will it ensure you and your children set aside time for each other to have a little fun each day, but it will also allow you to watch them grow. You can then create a photo book, and who knows, the photos may come in handy down the line – for birthdays, family events, weddings, etc.

Go Skating

Go Skating

Why walk or drive to the park when you can skate? It’s a fun activity that will allow your child to enjoy a little exercise in the great outdoors. From a cool pair of Heelys to a classic pair of inline roller skates, there are many ways you and children can navigate your way from A to B, and have fun once you’ve arrived at your destination. If skating doesn’t sound ideal, consider ice skating or even a balance board. View various skates online for inspiration.

Take a Class or Lesson

Music Lessons

Strengthen a bond with a child by taking a lesson together. For instance, you could both learn to play the guitar, enjoy an art class or take ice skating lessons. Lead by example and show your child that it’s important to keep learning, no matter a person’s age. It will also aid their confidence and skill set, as they can watch the many challenges you may face and how you overcome them.

Throw a Dance Party

Dance Party

Gather the whole family together, or make it a one-on-one event with your child. Turn up the music and have a dance party. Show your children the popular moves of your childhood and ask them to show you what is ‘in’ or ‘current’ nowadays. They’re bound to laugh out loud as they watch you dance, even if they do want to hide behind a cushion.

Family Game Night

Games Night

Instead of sitting in silence watching a movie, host a family game night to connect with your kids. From Operation to Monopoly, there are many different games to enjoy that will allow you to create memories, whilst putting your kids’ knowledge and skills to the test. Be competitive when playing Jenga or showcase your cunning with a fun game of Cluedo. You could even download some family-friendly app games, such as Heads Up, which will ensure you and your children are crying with laughter all day long.

Scootering on Lon Eifion

From donning a pair of skates together to hosting a family game night, look for an opportunity to do something different with your children. Don’t stick to a boring, old routine and aim to mix things up once in a while, which will ensure your kids’ have an unforgettable childhood they will remember fondly in adulthood. Some of my most happiest memories are playing Monopoly in the caravan with my Dad and Nain.

Do you have any other awesome ways to spend time with your children?

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  1. 7th Aug 2017 / 12:04 pm

    I love the idea of the daily selfies. It’s such a nice way to do something fun with them and create long lasting memories too.

    • Rebecca
      11th Aug 2017 / 2:00 pm

      I must admit, the daily selfies is something I do. Not sure if it’s the blogger in me or if it’s the fact I grew up with Taid who was always taking photos. 🙂

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