Bedtime Routine with Infacare Night Time Baby Bath

Bedtime Routine InfaCare

What can I say except that our evenings are rather hectic! Both husband and I both get in around 6pm-ish. Our bedtime routine starts right after food. One of us will take the girls up and start running a bath whilst the other loads the dishwasher, tidies up the kitchen and prepare the milk. After a bit of play Рusually involves a couple of rounds of hide and seek Рwe start our evening routine with a nice bath.

Infacare Night Time Baby Bath

It’s specially formulated to take care of the most sensitive of skin. It’s so gentle and therefore suitable for use on babies as young as one month old. It’s also ideal for those with dry skin. For this reason I also use it as I suffer from dry skin quite badly.

We love using Infacare’s Night Time Baby Bath. The girls love it so much! They love how it lathers up and spread it all over their tummies! They will take turns to write/doodle in the lather. They just can’t get enough of the stuff. Thankfully it comes in a decent 750ml sized bottle.

InfaCare Night Time Baby Bath

Also, it smells absolutely lovely! The fragrance is meant to relax and calm babies, children and adults alike – ideal for a bedtime bath! It must work as I find putting them to bed after a bath is much easier than when we skip the bath.

All in all it’s a really lovely product and will be part of our bedtime routine for years to come. Even ducky approves!

What do you use to relax in the bath?


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