Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

Happy Birthday Miss MostynWell the littlest is 2 years old this week. Time is flying by and I can’t believe she’s now a little girl as opposed to a little baby. She’ll always be my baby though!

So on Saturday we had a birthday party for friends and family. We had a get together in our house and it was really lovely. Most of our family and friends made it and it was really lovely getting everyone together. It doesn’t happen often enough.


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

We opted for a buffet so we had mixture of ham and chicken, cheeses, savoury rice, sausage rolls, bread rolls, lettuce, coleslaw, pickled onions, pizzas, garlic bread, and hot dogs for the kiddies. It was a decent spread and everyone seems to enjoy it even though we completely forgot the crisps!

For pudding we had lots of homemade fairy cakes, homemade flapjacks homemade jelly and ice cream and we had a Peppa Pig cake for the “main event” as it were. The homemade cakes etc were made by Nain and Little Miss – they’d been busy on Friday!

Oh and the best thing is that the food survived as the doggies had already gone to Aunty Jane at Glyddyn Kennels. We didn’t want a repeat of what happened last year!


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

The weather was good –  a bit windy, not too hot but sunny! So the kiddies were all outside on the bouncy castle. IT was the one I bought ages ago from B&M Bargains for £16.99. It’s done well but didn’t survive yesterday! It wasn’t warm enough for the paddling pool though. (We didn’t get the hot tub this year although it would’ve been better weather for it!).


Happy Birthday Miss Mostyn

Ah everyone was so kind with presents for Miss Mostyn. She had great fun opening them and was “helped” by Little Miss. I must remember to get her some presents as she doesn’t understand why Miss Mostyn was getting presents and she wasn’t. One of the most favourite things of the day was the My Little Pony racing tower. Although to be fair, she didn’t have much time to play with anything yet.

It was a great day all in all! Thanks to everyone who came to the birthday party!

What’s the best birthday party you remember?


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  1. 21st July 2017 / 2:22 pm

    Happy Birthday! to her. It seems everybody had a wonderful time. It’s a great idea to get a couple of gifts for the girl that is not celebrating, so she doesn’t feel left out. x

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