A whole week since BlogOnX! I’ve still not had a chance to open the goody bags properly! So let me run through all the information from BlogOnX.

Paladone Party

BlogOnX kicked off in at Hotel Football with the Paladone Party the night before. It was my first time attending the party. I was attending with Emmie and we had a great time playing all the party games including champagne pong, stay tuned (the most difficult game to play at a very noisy party!), Pass the Pigs, unicorn hoopla and the most intense game of Jenga ever! I also got to meet Sarah from The Herniman House who spotted me but me being me, did not expect to be recognised!

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker this year was Jason Todd from the Art of Brilliance. His speech was all about being happy in day to day life.. not to be constantly waiting for that next big thing to be happy. His speech was full of inspirational quotes and the main one is “everyday is special pants day!”. Haha… I understand it of course but I don’t own special pants… my everyday pants do the job!


There were four sessions during the day with each session having 3 different options. First session I attending was “Getting Paid For Your Work?” with Lee Furness and Sophie Mei Lan Hale. It was all about your pitch and knowing your worth. After the session I got talking to Lee as he specialises in public speaking coaching. I’m hoping to book a session with him to perfect my introduction pitch and public speaking. It’s an area I want to develop for my day job. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more details soon!

Second session of the day was Time Management and Productivity with Mel Knibb. I really enjoyed this session! Mel gave us some awesome tips on how to increase productivity and manage time well. Some of the methods mentioned was the Forster method where you break down a project into individual tasks and chip at them during the day. I can’t explain it well but I’m giving it a go and will report back. But the BEST thing I got from this session was to “EAT THE FROG!”. In other words, the frog is your big task, most horrible task on your to-do list…. make sure you eat it first.

Session three was live video editing with my mate Luke Woodhouse, and the awesome Cora and Helen. Each of them took a group of us to show how to edit footage. I went with Helen as she uses iMovie which is what I use mostly. She used the MacBook version which is a bit more fancy than the app I have. But it’s good to know that even the top YouTubers I know use the same as me.

Brand Den

As always there were some fantastic brands down in the brand den. There were a number of toy brands being represented including those LOL Surprise dolls (which the girls love), the Fuzzikins, My Fairy Garden, and many many more. Too many to mention! But THE best find for me was an easy flower press which is amazing! I will dedicate a post to it soon.

Other brands in attendance were Snopake stationery who have the loveliest pens. They write so smoothly. Slush Puppy was also there! I do love Slush Puppy! Hotter Shoes were there with Prince Charming but I didn’t get a chance to go meet him. (I was a bit late to the brand den).


The Co-Op was in charge of the wine and flowers. There was plenty of wine flowing including some in the gift bags. They were all about how they’re supporting Fairtrade with their products including some amazing flowers.

Goody Bags

So not only it was an enjoyable day I also took home three amazing goody bags. I’ve only briefly gone through them but some notable mentions:

– Zuru balls which are similar to LOL Dolls
– Indy Bay pretzel bites (so yum!)
– Nom Noms blind bags (kids love them but I’m storing them up for the plane journey to Tenerife)

As I say I’ve not gone through it in detail yet but I’ve heard a lot about the Betty Box as well.

So all in all it was another good trip to BlogOn! I’ve signed up for BlogOnXmas already but depending on when the event is next May, I might have to give it a miss as it was the same weekend as Machynlleth Comedy Festival!

Did you attend BlogOnX this year?


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