Blogtober14 – Letter To Your Younger Self

This month I’m taking part in #Blogtober14…. join in….

Helene in Between

Day 27 Prompt – Letter To Your Younger Self

Dear 15 yro Becca,

This is your 30 yro self speaking. Just a quick note as I haven’t got long this evening – Little Miss (your 9mth old baby) took a while to settle. Also we had a water leak so that’s one ruined carpet that you’ve had to chuck away this evening.

So briefly I should tell you that life works out of well so not to worry about anything! I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do nor am I going to tell you what things you ought not to do. Life is a mystery so enjoy it!

Becster (at 30!)

P.S. The one thing I will say is keep your blog entries!

What would you put in a letter to your younger self?


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