Body Positivity

Body Positivity

I’m going to admit it to you now, I struggle with body positivity. I always have done in some extent. As a teenager I was thin and hadn’t understood that you were meant to shave under your armpits. I remember being teased about that. What can I say, I wasn’t a fashionable teenager and I think possibly I’ve carried the name calling with me all these years.

The “In Between Sizes” Problem

Anyway, I didn’t intend on bringing up old incidents. Instead I wanted to share how I feel nowadays. On Saturday the 8th April I found myself in Nottingham without much to do. I needed a new coat so went to Outfit. The first thing I noticed whilst there is that I couldn’t find much size 14 clothes. I’m currently between size 14 and 16 but I couldn’t find much of either size to be honest. I never considered size 14 and 16 to be plus sizes but maybe they are now?

After having a look around Outfit and deciding against buying the new coat. It was a size 14 and it was snug so I gave it a miss. Next stop was Next (see what I did there). I looked at the professional wear range and decided to try on a trouser suit. It was a lovely style. It did fit me but I just felt frumpy. The stretch marks on my belly didn’t bother me but the flabbiness of my belly bothered me.

Not Happy

All the clothes stayed in Next – what was the point in me spending a fortune on clothes I’m either not going to wear or feel uncomfortable in? I feel like I’m letting down all the body positivity coaches if I say that I’m not happy with my own skin at the moment. Feeling like a frump and losing your hair will do that to a girl.

I Like Food!

A change is needed to get out of this rut. The rollerblading is partly to do with this – try and get me a bit more active. Trouble is I enjoy food and starving me won’t work out well for anyone. I’ll be hangry!! And that won’t be any good for anyone! Also, there’ll be an abundance of chocolate in this house this weekend. Seriously, how many Easter eggs do these girls need?

So what is the answer? Do I accept my body as it is or do I change? 


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  1. 14th Apr 2017 / 9:07 am

    I think you should do both: accept who you are and how you look, but, at the same time, try to get better and feel better. If you will feel better if you would loose 2 pounds or 10 or 20, why not do that?
    I also think you have 2 girls and what you do will affect them too. They will have their doubts when they will be teenagers, as we all have our doubts and having a model in you will be so helpful for them. Starving should never be an option, smaller size of the same thing and a salad is a better choice, having a dessert for breakfast instead of dinner is another way to enjoy what you like. A more active lifestyle with rollerblading is amazing for all sort of reasons, not only weight loss.

    I was overweight, borderline obese. I loved the way I look, but I was out of shape, with no energy and my life wasn’t great. After I’ve started loosing weight and exercising 6+ years ago, my life changed completely. I feel so much better now, full of life and energy. I’m so glad I did that.

    • Rebecca
      16th Apr 2017 / 4:54 pm

      That’s an interesting idea – having dessert for breakfast. I know that I need to cut back on my food consumption – I can scale back without starving but my mind just thinks food all the time! But you’re right, my girls see me as their role model so I need to set a healthy example

  2. 14th Apr 2017 / 9:24 pm

    I am the same as you! I love food. I get hangry if I don’t eat what I want to but over the last 6 weeks I have cut down on junk food and fizzy pop and instead of getting the bus I’ve walked places and I have lost way over a stone in weight. I am now stuck between sizes. Size 18 is too big. Size 16 fits but I am not 100% comfortable in everything I have in that size. Ugh!

    • Rebecca
      16th Apr 2017 / 4:46 pm

      The in between sizes is the worst I think! Wish I could walk more – really need to make the effort i think.

  3. 15th Apr 2017 / 12:49 am

    Nottingham! My old stomping ground 🙂 I was also teased when younger. I was v thin (nickname Twiglet) and had a Cornish accent when I first moved to the midlands, which sounded posh. I had a killer moustache and acne. Now I am tubby!! Still struggle to look at myself positively but I am lucky that Luke does it for me!

    • Rebecca
      16th Apr 2017 / 4:45 pm

      I guess we’re always unhappy with something aren’t we? But lucky that our men are positive eh? Just wish I could see it. I’d be just a bit happier then I think

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