Boyzone – Thank You & Goodnight

Six images of Boyzone on stage at Birmingham arena

As you know, I’ve been a Boyzone fan for a looooooong time! So when they announced their retirement I was gutted.. but the announcement came with the announcement of a farewell tour so it wasn’t all bad.¬† On Friday we attended Boyzone’s farewell tour in Birmingham. All I can say is that it was absolutely fabulous! It was full of singing and dancing, I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness.

Thank You & Goodnight

Boyzone on stage at Birmingham arena. The four guys on stage in front of a kaleidoscope of reds and yellow. In the foreground is the crowd in darkness.

They came on stage to a mini rendition of “Who We Are” (which was my favourite song off the BZ20 album) and I cried a tear of pure joy! They also got us bouncing around to “Because” and “Let’s Talk About Love” which oh my word is such a dance anthem! It’s a shame that they’re retiring because honestly, this album is absolutely fantastic!

Nostalgia Trip

A rather blurry photo of Boyzone on stage - from left to right you have Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy

They took us back to the start and sang all of their hits! From their first single “Love Me For A Reason” all the way through to their anthem of “A Different Beat”. Our wedding song “Everyday I Love You” was sang and the husband and I had a little dance and a smooch. But They donned some of their classic outfits for “When The Going Gets Tough” – everyone remembers Ronan’s zebra print suit right?

I’ll admit, I had a moment of panic when I thought they’d finished without singing their BEST song “Picture Of You” but I shouldn’t have doubted them… they ended the show with that number! YES!

Steo Tribute

A photo of Boyzone in the middle surrounded by darkness except for a smattering of phone lights. In the middle is a bright light which signifies Steo's energy during a performance of I Can Dream

Now of course, there’s not a Boyzone tour since 2009 that hasn’t had a tribute to the late great Stephen Gately – or lil Steo. I’ll be honest, I cried! I cried because the boyz spoke so lovingly about him. He was the heart and soul of Boyzone and I can’t deny that things were never the same since he passed away. But it’s so lovely that there’s a tribute to him and this time it was done by way of “I Can Dream” <- when I first heard this song I bawled my eyes out! His voice singing the words “I can dream that we turned back the time, Dream when we stood side by side, My heart never let me tell you goodbye” oh my word I was not prepared for that!

All in all, it was an emotional evening! I loved every minute of it! I think I realised last night why my husband wants to come with me to Boyzone concerts because it’s the only time I dance. And dance I did! No care in the world¬†which was evidenced by my pure lack of care when singing live on Instagram – for which I can only apologise!

I can’t deny that I am feeling a bit sad now knowing that I won’t see Boyzone tour ever again but it seemed fitting that I saw their final tour in Birmingham – the very same place that I first saw them way back in 1998.

So all I have to say is thanks for the last 25 years lads, it’s been a blast! Thank you & Goodnight <3


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