Breakfast with Princesses

Breakfast with Princesses

It’s been over a week since our Breakfast with Princesses at Hickory’s Smokehouse. Time really does fly by! So yes on Sunday 25th June we went for breakfast with princesses – Cinderella and Ariel to be precise. My eldest loves her princesses and Cinderella is her absolute favourite!

Hickory’s Smokehouse

Hickory’s Smokehouse is an American style steakhouse in Rhos-On-Sea (there are others but this is our closest).On walking in the first thing you notice is that it’s all very American Country. Then you notice the sign saying it’s an “authentic American steakhouse” – clearly not quite a 100% authentic since we’re in Wales but you get the picture! The decor is all bulls horns, red and wood panelled walls with photos of old style American scenes. Very nice and yes very American steakhouse – a comment I’m allowed to make since I have been to a real steakhouse in America.

Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast with Princesses


We were seated at a table which had some balloons and a happy birthday sign – they put it up as we’d mentioned Miss Mostyn’s birthday was coming up. Such a nice touch! We’ve been there before but this is the first time we attended a breakfast. It was an all you can eat pancake buffet – oh my heaven!

The pancakes were the thin kind – my favourite! Husband was a bit disappointed that they weren’t the thick American style that he likes. Due to the high demand, you had to queue for your pancakes. But that was ok as the princesses were milling around.

Beautiful Princesses

Breakfast with Princesses

It didn’t come as a surprise, but Little Miss was a bit overwhelmed when she saw Cinderella. I completely understand – she met her idol! She wouldn’t go to her and hid behind my legs. She soon got over her fear and gave them plenty of cuddles! The princesses were lovely! So perfect!

There was face painting and films in the children’s playroom. Both the girls got their faces painted. They were so cute! It was a wonderful morning out – I really enjoyed it and I think the girls loved it as well.

Have you ever had breakfast with princesses?


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