Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

In today’s eclectic mix of Society it seems that the older generation are Breaking Barriers. According to statistics, by 2050 15.6% of the global population will be those 65 and up. I’ll be honest, I don’t see 65 as being old. In fact I see it as being young! I mean, I won’t be able to retire until I’m at least 67 years old! (That’s a depressing thought!)

Currently, I’m trying to convince my Nain (who is 83) to get online! I keep sharing photos of my girls on Facebook and my Nain keeps hearing about it via my aunt. It’s a bit unnerving really! The other reason I’m trying to hook my Nain up with Facebook is because I want her to stop feeling lonely. I phone her everyday to have a chat but if she was online, she could see what all the other grandchildren are up to.

She seems to think she’s too old to learn but I don’t see her as old. People her age are going online and doing some amazing things! Expanding skills and breaking barriers! There’s some inspirational people out there including Iris Apfel who in her 90s is still an amazing fashion icon! Have a look at some of the people who are Breaking Barriers. Some stories are pretty amazing!

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Because she’s not online, I can’t show Nain these amazing things. I would just like her to break out of her comfort zone and give something new a go. Something to keep her mind active. Something that would get her out of the house for a bit (say a computer course) and then something that she could connect with – Facebook for example.

Having said that though, the years are catching up with my Nain. She’s having trouble getting in and out of the bath so I’m trying to convince her to get a walk in bath installed. I know she won’t do it because she thinks that would mean she’s accepting that she’s old. But I don’t see her as being old and frail. I see her as an amazing woman who, due to the unkindness of time, requires some extra help. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a kick ass Facebook-er if she gave it a go!

So do you have any tips for me on how I can convince my Nain to get online? Do you have stories of amazing older people who are Breaking Barriers? 

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  1. 25th November 2016 / 12:51 pm

    My grandma got on Facebook a few months ago after one of her nieces nagged her for ages. She was already online though so it was easier to persuade her (I think she kept emailing her invites until she gave in?!). Of course, now I have to be reeeally careful of who can see my statuses. Wouldn’t want to offend grandma 😉

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