Bucket List – March

March Bucket List

We’re into the third month of 2017 already – who can believe that? So it’s time to setup my bucket list for March! Now February’s list wasn’t completed so rather than review February and copy things over to March I’m going to simply roll February’s list on to March…

February Completed Items

– Buy a compost bin – ok, I ordered on the last day of Feb but still counts right?!
– Research rollerblading
– Go car shopping (again!) – this one was pretty easy. We’ve decided to keep the electric car for now as it’s too expensive to change it yet. I’ve yet to list about the car and really really need to get that post up!
– Research cameras/phones – have decided to go for a Samsung next time as I need a better camera!
– Put child locks on the drawers and cupboards – well I say it’s DONE but it isn’t. What we’ve found is that it wasn’t possible to put the locks we bought on the doors so I’ve given up on the idea.
– Sort out my stationery and find storage for said stationery – I haven’t sorted through it in detail but I have at least bought the storage

March Bucket List

– Finish reading that book! (The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding)
– Take dogs for a walk at least twice a week
– Start rollerblading
–┬áSort out the cutlery drawer
– Actually buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace
– Clear out all the shoes and coats that have been dumped there
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer
– Sort out the girls’ old clothes since Miss Mostyn is officially outgrown the 12-18mths clothes
– Sort out my clothes – I’m going to be ruthless and apply my friend’s method of sorting clothes. If not worn in the last two years then it’s being thrown out!
– Continue rollerblading
– Sort out the categories of this blog

What have you got on your March bucket list?


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  1. 3rd March 2017 / 10:42 am

    It should be a pretty busy month. Good luck with everything on your list. x

  2. 5th March 2017 / 11:08 pm

    rollerblading? awesome! I remember doing this as a kid and would love to try it again.

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