Christian Aid Big Brekkie

Christian Aid Big Brekkie

Hubby’s parents are actively involved in “Capel” matters. In the past, they’ve been involved in Christian Aid Week and in fact hubby and I “manned the door” at a coffee morning a couple of years back. It was enjoyable enough meeting all the locals and eating cake. Also good to raise money for charity.

Christian Aid

For more than 70 years, Christian Aid has fought poverty, strengthened the poor, and turned hope into action.

Christian Aid is a charity that fundraise to help people in poverty all around the world. They are committed to helping refugees which is something I hoped to do this year*.

(* I have so much clothes I need to get rid of that I’m determined to give them to a charity who can send them to refugees.)

Christian Aid Big Brekkie

May 14th to 20th is Christian Aid Week and it’s the 60th anniversary of Christian Aid week! This year’s campaign is the “Christian Aid Big Brekkie“. As you can see from the video that follows, the idea is similar to a coffee morning but rather than bring cake you bring eggs and bacon!

Mmmm breakfast! Is there anything better than a cooked breakfast? Fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, “bara saim”, hash browns, beans and scrambled egg…. yum! What is better than a cooked breakfast is having a great excuse to eat one and doing good at the same time.

Christian Aid Big Brekkie

(This breakfast wasn’t made by me – it was the breakfast we had in Beefeater in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago)

Personally I’m not much of a cook so I probably wouldn’t be the host with the most. But it’s still an interesting idea. If you think it’s a great idea then why not sign up to host a Christian Aid Big Brekkie? For more information take a look at their website.

Christian Aid: website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

Are you up for a Big Brekkie?

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