Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

Every year I try to start my Christmas shopping early and every year I try to find unique gifts for people. I’ll be honest, I tend to struggle and end up giving wine to a few people. I hate it as it feels very generic and a “non-gift”.

(P.S. Sorry if it’s too early to talk about the dreaded C-word but it’s happening in a little over 3 months people!)


So this year I’m busy browsing UncommonGoods for gift ideas. The company’s ethos is that goods are all uniquely made by artists from sustainable materials. Each time you buy from them, they also give monies to wonderful causes. They are based in America but now ship to the UK – yay!

So here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far…

For the men….

Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

1) Men’s Organising Travel Pack

My husband goes away quite often to tournaments. He will come home on Sunday and leave a bag full of random stuff on the floor. I can’t tell if the clothes need to be washed or what so I think if I got him this then he might sort his stuff out before getting home.

2) Beer Cap States

I LOVE this idea! It’s ideal for fans of beer and fans of the USA. Actually I have a friend in America who loves craft beer who would love this! Plus it gives you motivation to visit every US state right?

3) Interstellar Puzzles

For the men in your life that like to deal with puzzles why not get them this set of Interstellar Puzzles? My Dad used to love playing with this sort of thing so I’m thinking of getting him a new set.

There’s a huge selection of gifts for men on the website and as you know, men are difficult to buy for!

For the women….

Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

1) Butterfly Garden Spikes

For the garden lovers there are plenty of ideas over at UncommonGoods. My Nain loves her little garden but I think she could do with some more butterflies in there. So I’m thinking if I get her this then her little garden will be full of colourful butterflies.

2) My Family Cookbook

Every family has a chef so why not get the chef of your family this cookbook so they can stash all their secret recipes?

For me….

Christmas Gift Guide with UncommonGoods

1) Fire Escape Shelf

I came across this whilst browsing and absolutely love it! I’m not sure where I would put it in our house though as we haven’t got a brick style wall. If we ever redo the kitchen then this could work in there.

2) DIY Marble Coaster

Nostalgia kick for me here! I loved building marble coasters from Lego as a child. We haven’t reached the Lego stage in our house yet so in the meantime I could play with this instead!

Now the above are just a few of the extensive range available at I would check out their Gifts section but be warned, you’ll spend hours browsing the wonderful goods available.

What would be your perfect Christmas gift?

(This is a collaborative post with UncommonGoods – all opinions are my own)


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  1. 21st Sep 2017 / 3:03 pm

    Lovely gifts. I’ve started thinking of what I’m going to buy for Christmas, although my husband’s birthday and mine are before that.

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