Christmas is coming!

Christmas will be on us in just over 6 weeks which of course means baby will be due in just over 7 weeks – eek! With this in mind I’ve started looking at some Christmas presents for family and friends. They don’t read this blog so I feel safe enough to discuss what I’m planning on without spoiling the surprise!!

Dad & co – some wine, maybe a jumper for Dad, a scarf for her, money for my stepbrother and a toy of some sort for my half brother – this one needs a bit more research as Dad is a difficult one to buy presents for!
Mam – some Honey and oatmeal soaps as she has skin allergy of some sorts and this soap is the cure!
Nain – likelihood is that she’ll get some soaps as well.
Aunt & Uncle – whisky for him and maybe the soaps or some
wine for her
Parents in law – we’re going to make a hamper of cheese, biscuits and choccies for them
Brother in law – some new dinner ware as he lost his when his house was flooded
Nain in law – small Baileys gift box
Best friend 1 – she’s started cross stitching recently so I’ve bought her a pattern book and I’m going to buy some DMC floss and some Aida fabric for her and make a cross stitch hamper
Best friend 2 & co – she’s gluten free so if I’m going to do a hamper then il have to make sure everything is GF. Or I might get some soaps of her. For her fiancĂ© I’ll get some choccies and for the kids I’ll get some sweeties and some puzzles.
Best friend 3 – this one is difficult. He’s a 40yro man and now has a girlfriend so my usual hoodie top may not work. I’ll have to have a think.
And finally I was thinking of getting my nice bus driver a small bottle of whisky.



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