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I mentioned in a previous post that we’ve bought a new car. Whilst this is true it should be noted that I currently don’t drive. I found that I get increasingly agitated by the lack of awareness stupidity of other drivers. The best example I can give is on the way home from work I have to pull out of the carpark and take a right at he roundabout. However I usually find at I can’t take a right turn as cars who have to queue to get through town block the roundabout. So rather than be courteous and let me go – as I wouldn’t be jumping a queue or adding time to their journey – they block my access. Now it’s true that they have the right away over me but its not as if they’re going anywhere! They just sit right in front of me waiting for the traffic to move. It’s such a small and simple thing but it annoys me so much!

So a few months back I decided I was going to try the bus. I found that there’s a direct bus from my town to work and found that it only cost £3.50 return. The bus times aren’t the most convenient but I manage. I either catch the 7.30am bus or the 8.30am bus in to work and catch the 5.40pm bus home. The bonus of the 7.30am bus is that I get to work early and do an hours overtime that day. The extra bonus now is that I avoid the college kids who catch the 8.30am bus. Of course the advantage of the 8.30am bus is that I get to have a bit of a lie in!

However I decided that I’d give up my lie in to avoid having to listen to the college kids talk pure rubbish in the mornings. Oh and boy do they talk shit! It’s amazing the conversations that some of the children have. Honestly if I catch my daughter talking like that she would get some ticking off! The latest conversation I overheard was 4 girls – who looked as if they were only 12! – talking about how your parents have to buy you a car when you’re old enough to drive. That it’s their duty as a parent. Then the conversation steered towards what sort of car this girl wanted and in her infinite wisdom she decreed that she wanted a “pickup van because then there’s plenty of room to have sex in the back”! Why do children rush to grow up?

Anyway back to the bus. Even though it takes about an extra 10mins to get to work I find that I am less stressed and less tired from not having to drive. In the mornings I can close my eyes and relax for while. Or if I am awake I read my book. I’ve read more books since starting going by bus than I have in years! In the evenings I can either do this, write in my diary or on occasions have a chat with some of the friendly people on the bus. The bus driver we have this evening for example is a friendly fellow and is always chatty. I’ve also befriended a little old lady although I don’t think she would appreciate being called that! She’s a pensioner but a young one if that makes sense. We started talking one evening when the bus was late and found out she was in school with the receptionist at work. Over the last few months we’ve got to know each other a bit more and she lives down the road from me. She knows I’m pregnant and we’ve agreed then when baby arrives that I will go meet her in town for lunch! Such a nice woman!

Of course then there’s always the odd people who catch the bus. There’s one lady – also a pensioner – who works at the charity shop near work. She’s on the same bus as me most days so I tried saying hello but she just didn’t want to know. Clearly she thinks I’m not good to be friendly to as she’s very chatty to the drivers! Ah well it doesn’t bother me that much I just find it curious.

Occasionally I also meet some random people at the bus stop. I was waiting for the morning bus last week and some tourists came to wait for the bus. They asked me which bus the needed and I helped them out. Turns out they were catching the bus from town to the local train station and talking a round trip on the train. I was quite jealous as it’s something I would like to do someday. For some reason I said I was a tax advisor and then we had a conversation about tax avoidance etc. then one of them gave me a Book of Psalms as it referred to tax in it! I told him I wasn’t a religious but I believe that Christian values are a good way to live i.e be good to thy neighbour etc. A random conversation with random people – you wouldn’t get that in the car!


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