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Time for another edition of Currently with Jenna & Anne!



Recently it’s been beef with ginger and spring onions, pizza, sausage and yorkshire pudding, and gammon with beg. I’ve been trying to make and stick to meal plans. Been going pretty well except for Monday when we opted for a Chinese takeaway after hubby had the car crash!


Well it was hubby’s birthday yesterday so I’ve been planning his birthday night out for this coming Saturday. Girls are going to Nain & Taid’s for a sleepover and we’re going out for a meal to Sopna. Then it’s back to our house and either the men will continue with their Halo gaming or we’ll watch a film – Jurassic World is my choice!

(If they decide to carry on playing Halo then I’m debating over playing some Sims or doing some blogging – what do you think?)


I recently found some scented candles that I had bought in Ikea. They smell lovely!



I love this little one so much despite the fact that she stole my trifle and graffiti’d hubby’s card

I’ve been watching Neighbours and this week it’s #NeighboursInfernoWeek  and Amber has gone into labour (3 months early!) whilst stuck in the fire. The baby has CHD and being born prematurely and mother is suffering from smoke inhalation and chance of survival are low. And in Eastenders there’s currently a storyline about a stillbirth… all of this makes me appreciate the fact that both my girls were born safely and are healthy.


#LplBlogEvent on Saturday!! I had a fab time at the #PartyAtTheAngel event so I’m looking forward to meeting some more bloggers on Saturday!

What are you cooking, planning, smelling, appreciating & anticipating this month?

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