Further to my last post, still no sign of baby! People said try a hot curry – well I tried that yesterday and all it did was gave me really bad heartburn which is why I’m up at 3am posting this! I’ve just been downstairs to get some “medicinal” LoveHearts – I swear they work! Trouble is now I’m wide awake! So I’m sat up in bed listening to the new albums I got for Christmas (Boyzone – Greatest Hits, Boyzone – BZ20, Pitch Perfect Soundtrack and Britney Spears – Britney Jean).

I’m listening via headphones so that hubby can sleep – he’s back at work tomorrow! Wish I could be back at work! I love my work and miss the interaction with my colleagues. I don’t have a circle of friends so my social interaction comes from work mostly. I’m not completely cut off from work as I can still access my emails – which is how I ended up having the curry! My boss emailed to ask if baby had arrived and suggested I tried a curry!! I don’t know why I listen to him sometimes!

I shouldn’t complain about the curry as I enjoyed it at the time. We were bored and decided to go for a spin in the car. We ended up going to some home improvement shops to pick up brochures for kitchens and bathrooms. Also I picked up some chocolates and hubby & I had a quick picnic of choccies and McDonalds panad (cup of tea) in the car.

After that we went to a nice village for a walk and to the Chinese. We hadn’t been to the Chinese there in ages but last time we went it was so good! And I’m glad to say that the food is still as good as ever! We went all out – had some crispy seaweed with prawn toast, crispy duck pancakes and then my beef curry with fried rice and beansprouts! I was completely stuffed and couldn’t move afterwards!



Ok I think the worst of the heartburn is over so I might try to get some sleep again. Sorry if this post lacked focus but it is 3am!


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