Donington Historic Festival 2017

Donington Historic Festival 2017

Regular readers will be well aware of my interest in Formula 1. I’m also partial to viewing fine looking cars and trucks (Llandudno Transport Festival being a firm favourite). So when Anca invited me to attend Donington Historic Festival with her and her husband well I couldn’t say no could I?!

After arriving at the circuit and picking up our complimentary programmes we sat down at the grandstand to watch whichever race that was finishing up.

Formula Junior Championship

Donington Historic Festival 2017

Next race up was the Formula Junior Championship. These are fine looking cars.

It was quite a battle up front between the leaders car numbers 20, 5 (Robin Longdon) and 3 (Justin Fleming). I believe Fleming won but I can’t be sure!

Donington Historic Festival 2017

There was one car – car 31 driven by Hans Ciers – was being lapped by everyone! After reading the programme I noticed that the car had less cc than the rest of the pack.

Another battle was happening midfield between cars 27 and 13. Each time they came past the grandstand they had swapped places. Still don’t know who won that little battle.

Mini Museum

Donington Historic Festival 2017

In the Paddock Suite there were some cars on show including David Coulthard’s McLaren (from the days when McLaren stood a chance!). The main museum is at the entrance to Donington Park. I’ve not been but Anca has and tells me it’s well worth it.

Paul Swift Stunt Show

Donington Historic Festival 2017

Down at Tarmac Lake there were stunt displays being performed by Paul Swift. I’ll be honest and say that it isn’t a name that I had heard until Sunday. He’s an auto testing driver and has won that series 7 times. On display today were the parallel parking manoeuvre and the j-turn – both of which some of the audience got to try out. They were pretty good actually!

The man himself did some of the turns before giving us the Britalian Job demonstration which is their take on the infamous Mini scenes from The Italian Job film. Unfortunately there was no blowing of any bloody doors off!

Historic Formula 2 

Donington Historic Festival 2017

We went back to the grandstand to watch the Historic Formula 2 cars. First thing that hit us was the noise. Oh my god the noise was AWESOME! The roars of the cars as they pass by was spectacular! The noise would vibrate through you and you could feel it in your chest. I’ll be honest it brought back all the memories of the F1 races and I realised that yes, I LOVE IT! I couldn’t tell you who won to be honest but I didn’t care…. just listening and watching the cars was good enough to me.

Trade Stalls

Donington Historic Festival 2017

I had a bit of a mooch around the trade stalls as I was waiting for hubby to pick me up. There was one stand that was selling old F1 memorabilia. I was tempted by the Red Bull helmet visor that they had. They couldn’t confirm whose it was but they said it was from 2003 so would’ve been either Mark Webber’s or David Coulthard’s visor.

All in all, Donington Historic Festival was a wonderful day out! I would definitely go again if I can. For more details then visit their website….

Donington Historic Festival: website / Facebook / Twitter 

Have you ever been to Donington Historic Festival? Or to any historic car races?



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  1. 5th May 2017 / 8:26 pm

    It was so nice to have you with us and I’m so glad you liked the event. Hugs xx

  2. 7th May 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Castle Donington is my home town – my brother still lives there! I used to love big track days when I lived there.

  3. Roman from RimsNdTires
    11th Jul 2017 / 2:05 pm

    I love Formula1 and other cars-related sports events. I wish, we had anything like that in our city! Cool!

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