Easy Does It

Easy Does It

I mentioned in a previous post I was recently offered to review Adam Newman’s Easy Does It fitness programme. It’s a fitness programme that is designed to get complete beginners (or amateurs in my case) into a simple exercise routine.

Easy Does It

The Easy Does It programme really does what it says on the tin! It eases you into a daily exercise routine. As mentioned above, it is aimed at complete beginners. The exercises are designed to push you out of your comfort zone without scaring you.

The programme is split into a three week course. Week 1 starts off gently with a mix of strength, cardio and stretch exercises. Week 2 develops on that and pushes you a bit more and then Week 3 pushes you a bit further. Some of the exercise routines will get you out of puff, but as the name suggests, whilst it does push you, it doesn’t kill you!!

Also, because you can work through it at your own pace, you don’t have to do it daily. I will admit that I did not do the course in 3 weeks – it took me more like 4 weeks as I couldn’t find time to exercise everyday – this is life with young kids folks!

Getting Started

Easy Does It

After delaying starting due to a horrible cold, I downloaded the app and I finally got started! Day 1 was the simple fitness test and trust me, it is the WORST bit of the whole experience. You have to do some steps, push ups and a plank. Measure heart rates before and after. Take measurements etc. Well I’ll tell you this much. I was ready to give up as I couldn’t even do one push up! I also didn’t take any of the measurements as I’m not fussed about measurements. I just want to exercise and become fit.

After Day 1 comes the exercises…..

The Exercises

Easy Does It

The app has all the details you need to do the exercises. There’s videos each day where Adam talks you through the workouts and shows you how to do them. He will coach you through each exercise and do the routines with you. Most exercises seems to be 10 reps each so not too much in one go.

There’s a mix of different exercises and different routines during the course of the three weeks. Like I said, there’s strength, cardio and stretch. Some of the exercises that you’ll come across during the programme are:

  • squats
  • lunges
  • the plank
  • push ups
  • press ups
  • burpees
  • stepping
  • kettle bell workout (without the kettle bell!)
  • arm extensions

There’s a few more as well which I haven’t listed but what’s great is that they can all be modified to suit your individual fitness levels. Adam will show the modifications so you can go at your own pace. So for example, if like me, you can’t do the press ups, then there’s a modified version. Over the course of the three weeks you can feel yourself improve until you will be able to do the full press up.

Support Group

The beauty of this programme as well is that there’s a Facebook Group for Easy Does It programme members. Members are encouraged to post on there when workouts are completed. Adam is always on the group and is always interacting with members and offering encouragement. It’s a lovely little community where members support each other as well. And it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who hates the dips!


Another nice thing is that it’s low cost. It’s £7.99 to join the Easy Does It prgoramme. You can gain membership to FITme for a fixed sum of £12 per month. This gives you access to the Easy Does It programme and it’s follow on programmes such as the Lean Ladies programme and 12 week Body Fix. Also as part of the membership is access to meal plans and nutrition advice including the 8 week Diet Fix Plan.

If you want more information then visit the website -> Adam Newman Fitness.

Overall Thoughts

My overall thoughts is that it’s a fantastic programme! I would highly recommend it. I’m rather self conscious (and socially inept!) so going to the gym or to an exercise class fills me with dread so what I love most is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. No equipment is needed to do it (other than a step) which means it is so easy to jump right in. Now that my 3 weeks has finished, I’m hoping to carry on with maybe the Lean Ladies class. I need to build on this Easy Does It programme and keep going don’t I! Also, I haven’t tried the 8 week Diet Fix Plan yet but I’m thinking of doing that next as my main problem is eating. I love foooooood!

Oh and the best thing, someone has told me that I look like I’ve lost weight! (I haven’t measured myself at all during the programme but if I look and feel better then who cares about the numbers right?)

How do you feel about exercising?

(I was given access to the Easy Does It programme for free in return for the review. All words/opinions are my own honest opinions)


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