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Day 8 – Christmas Photos

I know I’ve technically missed Day 8 and that today is Day 9 so I’m going to combine the two today. As it happens both Day 8 – Christmas Photos and Day 9 Christmas Memories compliment each other anyway! (By the way yesterday’s blog post would explain my absence).

For the life of me I cannot find any of my old Christmas photos! I have no idea where they’ve gone! There’s one photo of me and my cousin with a snowman that I wanted to show but alas it’s lost! So I’m afraid the only Christmas photos I have to show (that I haven’t shared already) are some of our first Christmas together in our first house.


(Oh and yes that is the very same Penguin!)

Day 9 – Christmas Memories

One of my favourite Christmas memories is the Christmas my cousins came to stay with us. My memory might not reflect the actual circumstances but what I remember is waking up on Christmas Day and going downstairs to see the front room full of presents for us all! I also remember getting some Sylvanian Families but I can’t remember if it was the same Christmas or not.

Then there’s the Christmas we had snow! And we made a snowman that was as big as us – that’s the photo I wanted to share! Snow at Christmas is always special! Nothing beats a White Christmas.

Another memory of Christmas with my cousins (at Taid’s house) is the turkey being off! We’d had to order a big turkey to feed us all (9 of us in total plus the dog!) but when Nain got up at 5am to prepare it, she opened the fridge and it had gone off! If I remember correctly it had gone green! Urgh!!

Then of course one of my favourite memories is visiting Santa at Llechwedd Slate Caverns. It’s a memory I hope to replicate with Little Miss. I know it won’t be the same because they’ve changed Santa’s Grotto due to the Bounce Below attraction but still we’re going to visit on Sunday to “bysnesu” (that’s Welsh for “nosey”). When Little Miss is old enough I’ll take her trampolining (assuming it’s still open) because I think it’d be fun!!

{edit}Oh my word I can’t believe I published this without mentioning my favourite Christmas ever! It’s the Christmas that this little cutie was brought into my life! My Mam had warned my Uncle not to give me a dog for Christmas but he turned up on Christmas evening and pulled the cutest black and tan JRT puppy from his pocket. He was so dinky! I’ll write more about him in a future post. {/edit}

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Have you got any Christmas photos to share? What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

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