F1 Wednesday – British GP 2016

F1 Wednesday

It was a wet weekend but what else do you expect for the British GP – typical British summer isn’t it?! But even so it was deserving of this…

Were there surprises in qualifying? Not particularly. Not sure if Verstappen qualifying in third is a surprise these days! That lad is the next big thing in F1 – Mark my words!

Race day was another wet one. So wet in fact that the race had to start behind the safety car. But the reactions on Twitter to that choice was pretty obvious…. not a good move in the fans’ opinion.


After the Safety Car pitted (lap 5 I believe) there was chaos in the pits with everyone pitting for tyre changes. Some releases were very close calls but no-one was penalised. Later on in the race, Renault managed to release Palmer with only 3 wheels on and was subsequently given a 10s stop/go penalty.

There were a couple of spins during the race including Alonso and Vettel. Pesky rain! Both recovered and managed to carry on. Retirements included both Haas cars, both Renaults, and a Sauber.

It was a simple win for Hamilton and despite some gearbox problems Rosberg still crossed the line in second and Verstappen finished third. Post-race Rosberg was given a penalty and demoted to third but even so was still on the second place step on the podium.

But the BEST bit for me was that Mark Webber was doing the podium interviews!! Lewis Hamilton spoke very well and tried to pre-empt the booing by praising Nico but even so, the crowd still boo-ed Nico. I thought that was very unfair of the crowd. And good ol’ Mark as always tried to brush over it.

I know it’s not a long post but I didn’t have a lot of time to get the post done! But I hope you enjoyed my brief synopsis!

Did you watch the race? What did you think?


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  1. 13th Jul 2016 / 8:20 am

    I loved the race. I’m becoming more and more a Verstappen fan, he is truly amazing.

    I’m not keen on booing on the podium, especially as it wasn’t actually Rosberg’s fault, but his team. But this is how is works, the driver gets the penalty. I think their decision was the right one, because if Rosberg would have had a longer period of time to sort out his car maybe Verstappen was able to reach him. That meant another battle on the track and more excitement for the fans.

    What do you think of the coverage of F1? I’m so annoyed by the guys at Channel 4 with their praise of Hamilton, there are 2 other British drivers and they hardly mention them. Usually they say Alonso is so much better than Button and Palmer is like non-existent.

  2. 18th Jul 2016 / 8:18 pm

    I really enjoyed the race. I thought it was good of Hamilton to tell the fans not to boo Rosberg, especially as he hadn’t done that for Hamilton at the previous race. I do like Mark Webber… The poor man got soaked before the race! 😀

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