F1 Wednesday – Monaco


It was the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend so this week’s F1 Wednesday post it seems appropriate to dedicate it to Monaco!

I don’t intend on discussing this year’s race much – pretty boring really although my favourite moment was of course Vettel having to retire on lap 8! Ricciardo did well to finish 3rd and this meant that he overtook Vettel in the drivers world championship! I of course took to Instagram to document this wonderful occasion!

Monaco is in my opinion, the jewel of the F1 crown. It is just so lavish – full of the rich and famous which is of course glamorous! It is the one race that I would give my right arm to go to. It is odd to say but the race itself is normally pretty boring as it’s a very narrow street circuit. Overtaking is therefore very difficult however there are normally a few cars crashing into the barriers.

My favourite Monaco moment is Mark Webber’s win in 2010 or more specifically his celebration afterwards! Mark won it again in 2012 and the famous pool somersault as repeated! Love it! In 2011 he came fourth but pre-race he was discussing the 2010 race with Jake Humphrey on the BBC and he drags Jake into the pool!

This year there was an interesting clip that the Sky F1 team did – how to do Monaco on a budget v no expense spared. Ted Kravitz did the budget versions for under £900 whilst Natalie Pinkham did the expensive version for £9990 (ish)!! I’m going to need to watch Ted’s piece again to get tips!

I will get to Monaco one day – even if it’s not for the GP itself. Taid went to Monaco back in the 80s and I found some of his photos the other day. I don’t think he was there for the GP but looking at the photos I can see the grandstands! I would love to go there!



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  1. 9th March 2016 / 7:23 pm

    I’d love to go to Monaco to see the F1… Might need to win the lottery or do some serious saving though!

    I see you’ve met Mark Webber… He’s wonderful, isn’t he? I met him at his book talk & signing a few months ago.

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