F1 Wednesday – My F1 Fears

F1 Wednesday

I’ve not done an F1 Wednesday post in a while! I may need to update my photo since Mark Webber is no longer driving an F1 car.

So this post is about my F1 fears… or if truth be told, my biggest fear. I fear that I’m losing interest in Formula 1. I’m struggling to be enthusiastic about it after what I feel was such a boring season last year. If I’m honest, I’ve been struggling to stay enthusiastic ever since Mark Webber left the sport. I just didn’t have a driver to support. I say I switched to Daniel Ricciardo because it was the natural switch – Mark’s fellow Aussie who took over his seat.┬áIt’s just not the same without Mark Webber.

Pre-season testing happened about two weeks ago and if I’m honest, the only thing I picked up on was that they’re considering bringing in the “halo” head guard on the cars. Oh and that they’re shaking up Qualifying.

I very nearly bought tickets for the British Grand Prix when we were travelling past Silverstone on January 30th (coming back from Red Dwarf) but something at the back of my mind stopped me. I’ve now worked out what that was and it’s because it’ll be Miss Mostyn’s first birthday that weekend!

Are you currently watching the Formula 1 (or will be when it starts)? What are your feelings?


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  1. 16th Mar 2016 / 11:26 am

    I understand what you mean. F1 without Schumacher is not the same for me either. I do like Verstappen and hopefully it will be a better season, without a Mercedes 1-2 on most races.

  2. 16th Mar 2016 / 6:27 pm

    I’ll definitely be watching and although most races were a Mercedes 1-2 last season there were a few great races and other battles going on. To be honest i’m sort of sick of seeing it all over my social media. Though the obvious solution to that is stop following all the teams and media outlets! x
    Amy at Amy & More

  3. Charlotte
    17th Mar 2016 / 5:15 pm

    I know what you mean because I really don’t think that I will be setting alarms and things like I used to do to watch races. I think due to the amount of 1-2’s we had last year that lost a lot of my interest I also think that when they got rid of refuelling I don’t think it was as interested.

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