F1 Wednesday – Red Bull Speed Jam 2011


I haven’t done an F1 Wednesday for a while and whilst I have had this post up as a “page” under travelling for a while I’ve decided to share this as a main blog post instead.

After I came home from the Belgian Grand Prix, Red Bull posted a competition on their website to try and win tickets to the Red Bull Speed Jam in Cardiff on 3/9/2011. Hubby said that we’d never win and what was the point even trying! Well the point of trying dear husband was a) Mark Webber was attending, b) if you don’t try you won’t win and c) MARK WEBBER WAS THERE!!! Suffice to say, I won tickets! 🙂

So on saturday morning the 3rd September 2011 we travelled down to Cardiff. On the way there I sent Mark Webber a tweet asking if he was signing any autographs. He didn’t reply but a rep from Cardiff’s Walkabout club tweeted me to say Mark was going to be doing a Q&A session at the club afterwards.

We got to Cardiff early as planned and did some shopping and had lunch. We then walked from town centre down to the Bay.a long walk but sure worth it! Once at the Bay we we’re let in to the Speed Jam area with our tickets. There were a lot of goings on – there was an air display by the Red Bull aircrafts which was pretty impressive! The RB F1 demo car was on show and there were so,e of the pit crew doing their thing. We had a nosey and then went to sit on the steps to survey the scene before Mark was due to do his donuts in the car. There was a karting race going on which looked pretty awesome!

After that race finished I saw a random person walking along the track and heading straight towards where we were sitting. No-one else had picked up on who he was until I blurted out “it’s Daniel Ricciardo!”. Everyone then turned and gathered around him. He didn’t stop for photos but he did sign autographs on his way – he signed my Belgian GP programme!

He was waving to the crowd and it took me a minute to recognise him but it was Mark Webber! He jumped over the fence and headed through the crowd towards the demo car. He didn’t stop for photos or anything but I did manage to get a photo of him walking away – what shocked me was how thin he was!
Mark got himself suited up and into the car. He did a lap of the track and then did some donuts! It was awesome! I have a video of it but I can’t upload it because it’s too big. All you need to know is that the sound of the car is just music to my ears! It’s the most beautiful sound in the world! 🙂 After his donuts Mark had an interview with the hosts – one of which was Jake Humphrey!

After that we left the Bay and got a taxi back into town centre. We went to the Walkabout Club where a crowd had gathered to see Mark. I went to stand by the stairs and I managed to nab Mark on his way down! He signed by Belgian GP programme and I wished him all the best for the rest of the season and asked him to beat the shit out of Vettel! Hehe! Unfortunately my hubby didn’t manage to get a photo of me with Mark as he was standing at the front of the stage to try and get some more photos of Mark for me. I was a bit disappointed but must admit that it worked out best In the end. Mark was handing out signed baseball caps and he handed my hubby one! Yay I was so happy!


It was a fantastic day and my first encounter with F1 stars! I was so chuffed to have met Mark Webber! 🙂 Hubby says that whenever he says Red Bull Speed Jam to me my face breaks into a smile! 🙂


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