#F1Monday – Azerbaijan GP 2017

Azerbaijan GP 2017

(Before you get excited, we weren’t there – these are photos from when we went to Canada)

I enjoyed the Azerbaijan GP so much that I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to post so we’re having an #F1Monday instead! WHAT A RACE!! Where do I begin? Some fierce battles out on track, collisions, safety cars and a red flag. I’m not discussing things in order that they happened….

Vettel v Hamilton

So this is THE controversy of the day! After one of the (many) safety car restarts, Hamilton [leading] “brake checks” and Vettel drives into the back of him. Damaged front wing in tow, Vettel pulls up alongside Hamilton on the strait and  after some hand gesturing, runs into the side of him! During the race, Vettel is given a 10 second stop and go penalty. Post race he’s been given three penalty points.

However, Hamilton doesn’t think that’s enough and Vettel doesn’t consider he’s done anything wrong! This rivalry has just taken a nasty turn!

Oh and my two pennies worth is that I’m not convinced Vettel did it deliberately, to me it looks like Vettel was so busy doing hand gestures that he lets the car drift into Hamilton. My opinion that’s all!

Perez v Ocon

The two Force Indias managed to bump into each other on lap 20 of the race. Not entirely sure how that happened but by lap 21 both cars were in the pits. Perez doesn’t manage to get back out and Ocon carries on. Well that is until the red flags. Perez manages to rejoin the race. Something I was glad of as he was on a 37 race finish streak – only 4 away from beating Nick Heidfeld’s record. Alas on lap 42 he retires thus ending his race finish streak.

Ocon carries on and was running in 3rd place on lap 38 but he doesn’t manage a podium finish thanks to some overtaking moves from Vettel and Hamilton. He finishes P8.

Lance Stroll

Now this is the story of the day! Lance Stroll of Williams Martini Racing need the day on the podium! After all the chaos that happened he was running in P2 with around 10 laps left. Unfortunately Bottas was catching him fast and talk about a photo finish or what?!

I don’t think Stroll was too bothered if he was P2 or P3 he was happy as larry! The youngest rookie to get a podium place. I’m so happy for Williams as well. So glad to see them getting podiums again! They were on to a double points finish with Massa in 4th but unfortunately he had to retire.

Danny Ric’s Shoey!

In an epic recovery, Daniel Ricciardo fought through the field from P17 to P1! Once he got into the lead he ran away with it! Seriously, that man has the biggest smile that you can see it radiating from under that helmet! Of course, a win for him means another shoey for him, and Lance Stroll! I’m sure that didn’t taste too fresh!

Other Honrourable Mentions

ALONSO FINISHED A RACE –  IN THE POINTS!! First points for the McLarens this year.

Well that was my views of the Azerbaijan GP. I must admit, we loved the look of the place and quite fancy the Azerbaijan GP for next year!  Knowing our luck, it’ll be boring!!

Did you watch the race? What did you think? Best one of 2017?


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  1. 27th June 2017 / 2:38 pm

    It was an amazing race. I loved it. I was so unhappy to see Max retiring, such a shame. I don’t think Vettel hit Hamilton on purpose either. I’m glad that Stroll was on podium, it’s a shame he wasn’t on 2nd place. But, at the same time, I’m glad Bottas overtook him as Hamilton was nagging Mercedes that Bottas should slow down so he could catch Vettel… like a 3 times world champion would. I was amazed by his comments regarding Vettel when, he, in the previous years, threw away the steering wheel and knocked over the place sign at the end of the race.
    I wish more races were like this, with Raikkonen and Perez coming back from retirement, a lot of action on track and a perfect podium finish.

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