#F1Wednesday – Rosberg’s Title and Other Musings

F1 Wednesday

I couldn’t let today pass without an F1 Wednesday post! Over he weekend it was the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton v Rosberg

Going into the race, both Hamilton and Rosberg were able to win the championship. Safe money was on Rosberg as he was ahead in the table and for him not to win it meant he needed to finish way below Hamilton. Considering it’s been mostly 1-2s to Mercedes this year, it would’ve been unlikely. To be honest I didn’t really care which one of them won it. Part of me wanted Hamilton to win as he’s a Brit but then again I thought it’d be nice for Rosberg to have his first championship.

Hamilton was leading and if he had wanted he could’ve made a clear run to the finish. Rosberg was chasing him in second place. Hamilton knew that this wouldn’t be enough to seal his championship so he slowed down so that the rest of the pack could catch up with Rosberg. This tactic did not go down well with the team – Hamilton ignored team orders to. Now there’s talk that Hamilton could be suspended or even dropped from Mercedes becasue of this. Bloody farce! I have no problem with what Hamilton did. It was the last race of the season, he was in with a shot to win so naturally he would do everything he could to win. If Rosberg was in the same position then surely he would have been doing the same. Any competitor would’ve done the same.

This is why Formula 1 doesn’t work as a team sport.

Jensen Button

The whole Hamilton/Rosberg thing wasn’t the only big news. Jensen Button had come out prior to the race to say that in all likelihood this would be his last race in Formula 1. It’s a shame he’s leaving the sport as he comes over as such a nice bloke. And such a laugh! It was so sad to see him having a DNF in his last ever F1 race! Almost as sad as Massa crashing out of his last home race. Post race Jensen was so humble and lovely about the whole incident and even managed to do a cheeky version of Ted’s Notebook for the Sky F1 viewers.

I’m not sure what will happen next for Jensen but I’m pretty sure he’s going to pop up in WEC soon. Shame Webber retired from WEC now!

Felipe Massa

Last but not least, it was also Massa’s last race. Another driver retiring from F1. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really really would’ve loved to seen Massa get a championship but it wasn’t meant to be. I will miss Massa as I’ve always liked him. For me, he was my era’s version of Barichello i.e. Ferrari’s number two driver.

Final Thoughts on 2016 Season

I will say this, 2016 was a bit of a disappointment all round. There wasn’t much that excited me this year – the exception of Verstappen. He’s a man to watch in my opinion. 2016 was a one team battle with the Mercedes pretty much dominating. Red Bull and Ferrari popped up every so often but it was really all about the Mercs.

Apparently there’s rule changes coming for 2017 so here’s hoping for some excitement next year… PLEASE!

Did you watch the race? What were your thoughts on Hamilton’s tactics? Will you miss Jensen and Massa? 


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  1. 30th November 2016 / 2:58 pm

    I’m happy Rosberg won. He was more focused all year, more involved in developing the car. He did what he had to do and he deserved the championship. Although, as you said, I didn’t really care which one of them won it. I use to hope Hamilton wins races when I started watching F1 again, as he is a Brit, but pretty much that was the only thing I like about him. (I know it’s harsh)
    With Mercedes is a really tricky situation. I understand why Hamilton did what he did. At the same time I understand why Mercedes asked him to push harder. Before the race, Toto said that it doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the last race, they have the same rules. Their objective was a 1-2 finish and, in this race, Rosberg would have benefited from this.

    I don’t think Hamilton will have to suffer for this, but it showed how little he cares about the team. That approach would be ok at Red Bull, because Horner would let them race, but not at Mercedes. He is in the best car on the grid due to his team and he didn’t respect that. For this reason I hope Verstappen will never move to Mercedes, they need to be left alone to race.

    I hope next year will be better, more cars in the mix and more exciting races. I’m sorry Button left, he is lovely and he represents UK so much better than Hamilton. But McLaren is so poorly made, you saw the last technical issue… something that never happens.

  2. 3rd December 2016 / 7:27 pm

    I think Hamilton was right to do what he did… He was trying to win the title! WHat did it matter to Mercedes which of their drivers won the race? It shouldn’t have, they’d won their constructors championship, but they seemed to be doing their best to ensure Rosberg won. Hamilton had an uphill battle, especially when it was clear than Verstappen’s tyres were pretty much done and there was no risk of him overtaking.

    What do you think of Rosberg retiring? I think it’s a shame… What F1 driver just wants the one title? I think he knows Hamilton is the better driver. Still, I wonder who’ll be in his seat!

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