Chargrilled Chicken with Mushroom Wild Rice

Recipes: Chargrilled Chicken with Mushroom Wild Rice

Since I was diagnosed with low iron someone told me that wild rice is supposed to be good for you. So I thought this was a simple enough meal to cook.


Р4 chargrilled chicken breasts
– 1 onion
–¬†approx 6 or 7 decent sized mushrooms
– approx 140g of wild rice


1) Pre-heat the oven and put your chicken in to start cooking
2) Put the rice on to boil (follow the instructions per the pack as I imagine they can vary)
3) Chop the onion up into nice smallish bits
4) Slice the mushrooms
5) Add mushrooms and onion into a frying pan. Add a knob of butter* and cook until golden brown.
*I use a knob of Kerry’s garlic butter to add some flavour to the rice

6) Once rice has cooked add it to the mushrooms and onions and continue to cook for approximately 5 minutes. Add in some soy sauce as well to give it that lovely brown look.
7) Dish up the rice and add your chicken breasts on top. Add some freshly chopped parsley for presentation.


I would never win Masterchef because I did cheat with the chicken by using Birdseye’s readymade chicken breasts. This is mainly because it saves so much on time. Plus they are really nice! I will make it from scratch one day but for now, Birdseye will do me fine!

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