Formula 1 2019 Season

In a couple of weeks the Formula 1 2019 season kicks off in Australia!  Here’s just some of my thoughts about the upcoming Formula 1 2019 season.

Drivers to Watch

As ever, I’m struggling to get behind anyone – not the same without Mark Webber and now, even Fernando Alonso is gone! But the main news for me is that the driver line ups have changed a fair bit. The main excitement is that Charles Leclerc is now driving a Ferrari alongside Sebastien Vettel. I’m still bitter about the whole “Multi-21” fiasco from the Webber v Vettel days so I’m itching for someone to beat Vettel’s arse in an intra-team battle! And Leclerc looks very promising! So he’s my driver to watch this year.

Teams to Watch

Sauber has rebranded as Alfa Romeo and have a Kimi Raikkonnen driving for them. He’s done some pretty decent times in pre-season testing recently. They might be the mid-team to watch this year. However, is that a premature assumption? I’m intrigued to see why Daniel Ricciardo has moved to Renault who was 3rd fastest at one point during pre-season testing. So maybe it’s the Renault who will shine in the middle of the pack?

Top Teams

Undoubtedly, Mercedes will continue to be leaders of the pack but I really do hope that one of the other teams bring them a juicy fight. The Ferrari has to be up there in this battle but I’m hoping that the Red Bull will be more competitive this year. Pre season testing seems to suggest that the fight between the two teams will be a fantastic battle!

It’s a Shame

Unfortunately I don’t think this will be the year that McLaren nor Williams make a comeback as top dogs. Pre-season testing reports seem to show that the McLaren 2019 car is a better beast than the 2018 car however in all honesty, that isn’t a difficult job is it? I’m sorry to be “hating” on the McLaren but come on…. what happened to the glory days eh? Oh I’d love to see the McLaren comeback!

My Predictions

So here’s our predictions for 2019!

Driver World Champion: Lewis Hamilton (R) / Charles Leclerc (E)
I would love it to be Leclerc but I have a horrid feeling that Hamilton will clinch it at the last minute.

Constructor World Champion: Mercedes (R) / Ferrari (E)
Again would love to see the Ferraris however my gut is saying the Mercedes

Most Pole Positions: Lewis Hamilton (R) / Lewis Hamilton (E)~
There’s no denying he’s fast!

Most DNFs: Daniel Ricciardo (R) / Daniel Ricciardo (E)
Sorry Danny Ric – you’re in a Renault! Reliability is an issue!

Last Place in Constructors Championship: Williams (R) / Williams (E)
Breaks my heart to say Williams but ultimately I think the McLaren have a slight edge.

Top Rookie: Lando Norris (R) / Alexander Albon (E)

I chose Lando because I want a Brit!!

Who’s your money on for Formula 1 2019 season?

Formula 1 2019 Season - my pre-season thoughts including driver to watch. Who's your money on?

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  1. 11th March 2019 / 9:42 am

    I’m looking forward to the 2019 season in F1. As you know, I’m a huge Verstappen fan, but I’m also excited about Leclerc joining Ferrari. I think Riccardo made a mistake moving, but until the season starts we can’t be sure about anything.
    Unfortunately I don’t think F1 will be as exciting as FormulaE is at the moment, but still love it.

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