Friday Favourites Week 2

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I’ve decided to turn Friday blog posts to being a favourites series. So last week was my favourite Australian actors and this week it’s telly! I must admit that I watch too much telly! Especially now I’m home all day! Here’s what I’m currently watching when we’re not watching BabyTV!

Ugly Betty

Since I’ve been off on maternity I’ve been watching Ugly Betty from the beginning! I had forgotten how much I loved that show! It was just so fabulously colourful and always such fun. I’ve finished watching it once – and am now watching it all over again!



I’ve been watching Neighbours religiously for the past 3 years or so. Prior to that I used to watch it when I was at school but I missed a big chunk of it. If anyone knows where I can watch it from the beginning then I would love to know! My current favourite storyline is the Kate/Kyle/Georgia love triangle. Especially now since Brennan is back!

I’m also enjoying the “will they/won’t they get together” story of Mason and Imogen.


Homes Under The Hammer

I never watched this show until I met my hubby but I must admit that it’s great! It’s a home improvement show where the presenters will track a property from it being empty through to it being sold and renovated. All the properties are sold at auction and in a each episode they will visit 3 properties showing the before and after shots and the before and after valuations.

I find it fascinating what people can do with these properties! There are some beautiful transformations. The trouble with this show though is that I always watch it and think what could be done with our house if we had the money. Another thing I find is that this show can bring on a bout of jealousy on occasions! I’m currently trying to buy a second house as a buy to let but it’s taking a long time. I don’t really have the money but the bank will lend me money to buy the house. The main reason I’m trying to buy it is because it’s my late Taid’s house where I grew up and I would hate to see it be sold to someone outside the family. It’s going to be a struggle for a couple of months whilst I’m on maternity but otherwise it will be fine! This house will need a lot of work but there’s no major rush. It’s exciting!



This quiz show is just so addictive! The premise is that they ask you a question and you have to name a correct answer but the twist is that your answer has to be obscure so that not many people would have said it. For example if the question was “Name a Samuel L. Jackson film” then an answer like Avengers Assemble would be a high scoring answer as I’d imagine a lot of people would know that. However maybe Coming To America would be a lower scoring answer. Like I say it is stupid addictive!


Honourable Mentions

Friends & Two And A Half Men

If there’s absolutely nothing on telly then I can always count on channel 112 Comedy Central to entertain me with repeats of Friends and Two And A Half Men. Say no more!


What’s your current telly favourites?


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  1. Kelly
    3rd Mar 2014 / 6:01 pm

    Friends is my FAVORITE show of all time! Vince and I are watching them in order and are currently in the middle of the last season. I know I’ll cry yet again at the last episode 🙂

    • Becster
      5th Mar 2014 / 8:59 pm

      We’ve just finished watching the last series on Comedy Central and I did cry at the last episode! How can you not cry at “I got off the plane”?

      • Kelly
        5th Mar 2014 / 9:57 pm

        That’s exactly when I started to bawl! I mean, 10 Seasons and that’s how they get back together. Literally perfect!!

        • Becster
          6th Mar 2014 / 4:30 am

          Well we always knew they’d end up together – she’s his lobster!

          • Kelly
            6th Mar 2014 / 2:55 pm

            Ah, I say that all the time to Vince!! 🙂

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