Funeral Get Togethers

Firstly, I would like to note that WordPress has been a BITCH and deleted the blog post I was working on. Apparently it was a duplicate so when I deleted the duplicate it deleted every version! Damn you WordPress!!

Anyway, moving on! On Tuesday it was my Taid K’s funeral. He was 94 and had suffered from cancer towards the end. I didn’t even know he was sick until after he died. I don’t get on with Nain K so communication between us and that side of the family is minimal but you’d have thought someone would have told us. Of course, it’s too late to be thinking about it now but there’s a small part of me that really regrets not making the effort to take Little Miss to see him.

The funeral was lovely. He has a white coffin adorned with red poppies – he was an retired RAF Flight Lieutenant. It’s amazing how little I knew about him but on Tuesday I found out that he had been stationed all over the world! Six RAF servicemen carried the coffin into the church and at the cemetery there were RAF cadets holding flags.

It may be odd but despite the fact it was a funeral and obviously a sad occasion, it was a good day. We took Little Miss to the funeral so we could introduce her to that side of the family. And what was great is that it brought us all together. What made my day was the fact that my cousin was there. I haven’t seen him in 4 years – actually it was at Taid K’s 90th birthday party that I saw him last. I remember seeing him at that party and I cried so much! He’s also a serviceman – he’s in the Army and done tours to Afghanistan an the like, so I got very emotional seeing him alive and well!

I wasn’t quite as emotional this time around but it was so nice to see him! I probably won’t see him again until there’s another funeral. But he got to meet Little Miss and we got some great photos! There’s a fantastic photo of her wearing his army cap.

So yes despite the sad occasion, it was a pretty good day. Next Tuesday will be a good day as well – attending my best friend’s wedding!!


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