***Garden Wishlist***

Spring has sprung…. well almost. Snow is still around on the mountains – I mean come on! It’s April!!! Anyhow, this time of year when the daffodils are in bloom and the days are longer I start thinking of the garden. We don’t tend to use our garden much which is a shame as we have a large garden. I think we need a garden makeover so here’s a few things on my garden wishlist!

All the Pretty Flowers

All the pretty flowers - multicoloured tulips and daffodils

Every year we try to introduce some flowers into our garden… and every year we fail! I tell a lie, we bought some flowers to plant in pots and the Violas have spread like wildfire. I want to plant some multicoloured flowers – have a rainbow effect going around our raised flower beds. I have some daffodil bulbs from Taid’s garden that I want to plant. One of them did sprout in the cistern at the front of the house but alas, the snow killed it!

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture with white, yellow and orange cushion

We have a patio area but no (decent) furniture. The table we had is a lovely glass topped table but unfortunately it has a wonky leg after a tree fell on it. Whenever we do have a garden party (which is once a year) we tend to borrow some from hubby’s parents. But maybe now’s the time to make the most of theĀ garden furniture deals over at Groupon? Get some garden furniture of our own? I would love some of those rattan type furniture. But where would I put them?


Big windowed conservatory with white rattan furniture

That’s what I need! A gazebo for my rattan furniture… with a fire pit in the middle for toasting marshmallows. I might have watched way too many American films! No a gazebo or better yet a conservatory with bi-folding doors that open up onto the lawn would be lovely.

Hot Tub

Photo of a hot tub in a garden

Now don’t laugh, but a hot tub would also be nice. You might recall that we hired a hot tub for the weekend almost two years ago. If I won the lottery and had money going spare then I would get one for the husband. He would live in it!

What do you have on your garden wishlist?

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