*** Getting Your Home Summer Ready ***

As we transition into school holidays, trips away and (moderately) nice weather here in the UK, it’s time to turn our attentions to our homes. Whilst ‘the beat from the east’ might be a distant memory, many of us will still need to spruce up our homes ready for BBQs and get-togethers. If you enjoy hosting parties, it’s especially important that you get your home in top shape to wow your guests. Let summer vibes run through your house, and use these top tips to get your home ready for the summer.

Get your windows gleaming

There’s no doubt your windows will have taken a battering during the winter months. As the sun shines through, you might begin to notice the dirt marks and collection of dust that covers their surface. Mix tap water and white distilled vinegar in equal parts, and you’ve got the perfect cleaning solution. Put this into a spray bottle and cover the window’s surface before wiping clean. If you have some windows that are particularly stubborn, try washing them with soapy water beforehand, then finish with the vinegar and water solution.

Revamp the garden

The time of garden neglect is most definitely over. Start by cutting the grass right down, and planting grass seeds if you have any bald patches. Make sure to water the grass seeds regularly, and in a couple of weeks you should have a fuller, greener looking garden. Perfect for summer BBQs! Patios can be jet-washed, removing excess grime to show clean stone or wood. As the long summer nights roll in, you might want to add some extra character to your garden once the sun goes down. A few fairy lights or low-level lamps can change the entire feel of your garden, and give you more of an excuse to stay outside for longer!

Time to de-clutter…

Many homeowner’s worst nightmare is excess clutter taking over their homes. It’s especially difficult when you’ve got a young family. No matter how ahead you think you’ve gotten, one busy afternoon can soon mean your clean home descends into a chaotic mess once more. With that being said, taking some time to de-clutter your home can make a big difference. Removing any ornaments, knick-knacks or unused tech out of sight can really help to open up a space and make the room feel light and airy again. This doesn’t mean you need to pawn your treasured belongings – just find somewhere to store them until the colder months. Once summer’s over, those knick-knacks can come back out to make your home feel cosier.

Go for a lighter décor

When it comes to your home’s interior design, a subtle change in colours can make a huge difference. The look and feel of a space can completely change. Whilst you may be hesitant about going for a full re-paint, even changes slight design elements can have the desired effect. Rather than painting every wall, paint just one in a subtle pastel colour – preferably one that’s facing a window. This will add a splash of colour, whilst making the most of natural light. New covers for throw cushions, thin blankets, a change of photo frames – these are all relatively inexpensive yet effective ways to change up your home’s colour scheme to be more summery this year.

Deep clean surfaces and floors

If you’re one of the lucky ones who simply enjoys cleaning, then no doubt you’ll rejoice at the thought of cleaning every nook and cranny in your home. However, if just the thought worries you, then you might need to take it one step at a time. Try to complete one room or one job per day. For example, you could focus on just the kitchen one day, or clean the surfaces in each room. Whichever way you decide to tackle the cleaning, it’s so important that it gets done. Carpets also need to be deep- cleaning to prevent them trapping dust and allergens that are so common in summer. Sofas, chairs and any other upholstered surface should be washed thoroughly – pillow covers and blankets should pop straight in the washing machine. Once you’ve finished, you’ll instantly see the difference. The entire house will smell nicer, and the air will feel cleaner than ever before!

How do you plan on getting your home ready for summer?

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