Grand Designs – part 2

So three weeks ago we went to Grand Designs Live at the NEC (read part 1 here). Here’s all about Sunday!

Windows, windows everywhere

We need to replace the windows in the other house and so we pretty much spent Sunday going around every window stand to gather some information.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art

We stumbled across this stand and I gotta say it was amazing! They do graffiti art and got both the girls’ names done in the graffiti style. (Yes we had to spell the names and confirm that both were girls – because you never know with these Welsh names!).

Sun Tunnels

I had decided that I would be on the lookout for a sun tunnel this year. Our hallway is really dark and we thought that a sun tunnel would be a fab way to bring light in. We found one stand – – and left our details… and we’ve still not heard back from them. Shame really because the bloke we spoke to was great!


Crystal Embellished Photos

Unfortunetly I didn’t note who the seller was but there was a stand there selling some awesome photos that were embellished with little crystals. I very nearly bought a piece but in the end I just couldn’t justify the spend!

Cook Street

Cook Street

I don’t remember this being here in previous years but this year there was a food court area there this year. There were a number of different stands. I opted for a hog roast bap and it was delicious! A bit pricey but that’s what you’d expect at this type of show.

Radisson Blu

I found it really weird that Radisson Blu had a stand there – what a weird thing at a home improvement show! They were promoting a new hotel that they had in Malta. They were also promoting a Disneyland Paris deal. Both deals were actually very tempting – I was especially tempted by the Malta deal. But after much deliberation we decided against it and are just going to put money to one side and take the girls to Florida in about two years time.

Grand Theatre

We didn’t see any of the Grand Theatre presentations and didn’t hear any mention of Kevin McCloud being there.

Rude People

We had accumulated a lot of papers and we sat down at a stand that was trying to sell outdoor furniture. The women came over to us to ask if we needed help. When we said we were having a quick pitstop she told us to move on as if everyone did that she wouldn’t make any sales. Whilst I do appreciate her point of view, I also thought it was a bad tactic. If she’d have let me have a quick sit down I might’ve thought “ooo comfy chairs. Let’s have a think about these” she instantly put me off and instead my thought was “sod you and your bloody chairs then!”

So that concludes our latest visit to Grand Designs! Have I persuaded you to go yet?


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