Great Orme Cable Cars

On a sunny Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago we took a trip on the Great Orme Cable Cars. Llandudno is somewhere we visit often but we never go up the Great Orme. In fact I was incredulous that the husband had never been to the top of the Great Orme. It’s a place I visited a lot as a child.

Great Orme Cable Cars

The Great Orme Cable Cars were opened in June 1969 and is the longest passenger cable car system in Britain if my facts are correct. The cars start at Happy Valley at the bottom of the Great Orme. After queuing for a bit we got on a yellow cable car. Husband and the littlest sat facing the way we were travelling whilst Little Miss and I faced the wrong way.

As the car left the station I was watching Miss Mostyn’s face. The pure joy on her face was just amazing! Her face was a picture! I wish I could show you the clip of her but alas I can’t! Little Miss wasn’t as impressed. She looked rather scared.

Those Views!

(Trust me – the views are even more stunning in the sun!)

The journey takes you from Happy Valley up to the Summit Complex. On the way you get to see fantastic views of Llandudno and towards the Little Orme. You will also pass over the Llandudno Ski Slope and it’s super fun tobogan run – I’ve spent many happy days on that tabogan run chennling my Cool Runnings vibe. Further along you will cross over the expanse that is the Orme itself and pass by the Great Orme Copper Mines.

One Mile Long

The journey up the Great Orme is approx 1 mile long. The Great Orme Cable Cars will not run if there’s any wind so one tip, be prepared to find another way down (or back up) if the weather changes whilst you’re up. You can always try the Great Orme Tramway. I don’t think there are any buses going up the Orme but it’s a really nice walk down.

Top of the Orme

At the top of the Great Orme we let the girls loose in the park and got an ice cream. As we were late going up the Orme we were catching one of the last trips back down the Orme so the queue was quite long. Husband waited whilst the girls and I went climbing to the top of the hill. We came accross what I thought were concrete bunkers but I have since found out that they are old mine shafts.

Great Little Trip

The views from the Great Orme

What can I say other than it was a great little day trip on a sunny Sunday! Another tip for you: they only take cash payments so be sure to have enough cash. The return journey was approx £30 for the four of us. If I remember correctly kids under 3 travel free.

Oh and there’s a vlog….

Have you ever been on the Great Orme Cable Cars?


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  1. 7th May 2018 / 8:32 am

    Ah Cable Cars, they are so lovely 🙂 but not if you are afraid of hights.

  2. 8th May 2018 / 5:54 pm

    Oh my gosh, looks amazing! I remember my Pop telling me all about the cable cars when I was a kid, definitely gonna have to put them on our family visit list. Great vid too!

  3. 9th May 2018 / 6:25 pm

    Sounds like fun! I used to visit Wales a lot as a kid but haven’t taken my boys yet. You’ve reminded me that I really must do that!

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