Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – My Hair Loss Worries

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Hair Loss Worries

I remember years ago a woman came in to the cafe I was working at. She was in her 60s but what I remember most about her is the fact that she had very little hair. It was patchy and whispy. I remember the staff discussing this woman and the staff, being mostly young teens, weren’t all that complimentary. I remember talking to the woman and she was lovely.

Anyhow, years later I find myself thinking about her again. The woman had alopecia or hair loss. It’s common in both men and women but of course, it’s more generally associated with men.

My Experience of Hair Loss

I have personal experience of hair loss. A couple of years back I found a small bald patch just above my forehead. It wasn’t visible to others as I had a lot of hair which covered it. But I knew it was there. Looking back, it was a period of stress. The husband was going through a bad time at work and was desperately unhappy. Anyhow, it eventually grew back.

Back in January of this year, I found another patch. This time it’s at the back of my head. It might sound funny but I only found it because I felt a cold breeze! I put the initial hair loss down to stress again as this January was one of the worst I’ve had at work. It’s now 9 months on and the patch is still there. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better unfortunately.

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss as detailed on the NHS Choices website. The reason for my hair loss is mostly stress… it’s definitely the trigger at least. I’ve recently been to the doctor who thought I might be anaemic. Blood tests have been done and I’m not anaemic. I have had to increase my thyroxin intake as both the doctor and the consultant at the hospital said that if my thyroxin levels where out of balance then that would cause further hair loss.

What Are My Options?

Well if the hair loss continues then I will have to seriously consider my options. I have briefly looked at what could be done…

  • sort the root (ha!) of the problem
  • steroid injections or creams to stimulate hair growth
  • wigs – there are some really stylish ones out there but also, I could totally rock the rainbow hair look!
  • hair transplants – I’ve been looking at FUE hair transplant cost details but I’m not at that stage… yet!

Currently, I’m looking at sorting the cause of my problem – the stress – and sorting out my medication levels. And I’m hopeful that I will recover from this recent bout of hair loss.

Have you ever suffered from hair loss?

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  1. 24th Oct 2017 / 10:11 pm

    Luckily no I haven’t but I do know a few people that do. I think treatment varies depending on the degree of the hairloss.

  2. 24th Oct 2017 / 10:33 pm

    I feel for you – hair loss isn’t easy for men and for women it is even harder! Hopefully you get to the bottom of things and your hair comes back with time.

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