Halloween Events in Snowdonia

Six images of Halloween events around Snowdonia

There are loads of Halloween events in Snowdonia this year. There is just so many that I don’t know what to do! As I can’t go through them all so here’s some of the highlights!

1) Amgueddfa Lechi Llanberis Slate Museum

From left to right - Halloween slate crafts, poster for the event, and a jar painted as a pumpkin in front of the Slate Museum entrance

One of my favourite places to visit and I’ve been lucky enough to attend a spooky Ghost Trail there a few years back. This Halloween there’s plenty of things going on.

  • Halloween Trail – follow the trail and if you survive to the end, you might win a prize! It’s happening everyday between 26 October and 2 November and costs £1.
  • Spooky Crafts – decorate some slate in the spooky craft workshops happening between 29 and 31 October. Each craft will cost £1 to make but you get to keep a little piece of Welsh Slate… BARGAIN!
  • Festival Of The Dead – this a brand new show by the “Black Star and Monkey” puppet company. Expect to see Welsh “bwci-bo” characters the Black Sow, the White Lady and Jack the Lantern in this spooky tale. The tale will be told through the medium of Welsh but non-Welsh speakers will love it as the puppets will be enacting the tale as well. It’s suitable for children aged 4 and tickets cost £5 and it all happens at 5pm on November 1st.

2) Ropeworks Active

The poster for Ropeworks Active Halloween event

If that isn’t enough then right next door to the Slate Museum you’ll find Ropeworks Active. On the evening of October 28th, join the Ropeworks team for an evening of moonlit high ropes and low ropes before braving the spooky swing. The open fire will be running and lots of Halloween treats. Perfect for both big kids and little kids! I have a feeling that we will be going here especially as my little girls absolutely loves the place!

3) Rheilffordd Llyn Padarn Lake Railway

If Ropeworks and the Slate Museum aren’t enough, then check out the Halloween event by Rheilffordd Llyn Padarn. Padarn Lake Railway will be hosting their annual Halloween Hunt between the 28th October and the 31st October. Be sure to book yourself onto this – a train through the spooky woods! We’ve done the Easter Egg hunt on the railway which we always enjoy.

4) Gypsy Wood

For the weekend 29/10 to 4/11 Gypsy Wood are hosting “spooktacular” evenings. Creep through the woodland whilst keeping and eye out for those pesky imps. Top it off with a ride on a haunted train to see Witch Mo! In past years they’ve also had a huge spider sitting on it’s massive spiderweb – hmm no sure about that!

Book online to save 10% on entry price!

5) SpookWood at Greenwood Forest Park

The poster for Spookwood at Greenwood Forest Park

There are some awesome Halloween Events going on at Greenwood Forest Park over half term:

  • SpookWood’s Greatest Undead Show On Earth – Count Dracula and Eagor are bringing the Transylvanian Monsters Carnival to Greenwood. Various guests include the Count himself, his second in command Eagor and the Wolfman to name a few.
  • Monster Hunt – track down the monster that’s terrorising the park. Happens daily between 10am and 5.30om
  • Halloween Crafts – daily between 2pm – 3pm

Now if you’re looking for something to entertain the adults then the top two I would suggest are as follows:

6) Ffear Fforest at Zipworld

Ffear Fforest at Zipworld

Argh this one looks well scary! There’s lots going on at Ffear Fforest this year…

  • Fforest Ghoster – ride the epic Fforest Ghoster through haunted forest! The coaster looks pretty epic at the best of times but in the dark in those woods…. creepy!
  • Zombie Nets – this sounds quite fearsome with a herd of zombies chasing you around those treetop nets.

Pre-book your Night Pass to save 15% on the price (pre-booking price is £25 compared to £30 on fright nights). The Ffear Fforest event is happening between 20th October and 4th November.

7) Hall of Horrors

This is a brand new event and kicks off on October 18th, at the Market Hall in Caernarfon. It sounds absolutely terrifying! The cellars of the Market Hall have been transformed into a terrifying network of Halloween chambers. Zombies and badass creepy clowns will be chasing you around the tunnels – definitely not for the faint hearted!

Some scary Halloween Events in Snowdonia this year. Are you attending a Halloween event this year?

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