Happy Birthday Hubby!

So the hubby was 30 today! His office had bought him a big “30 today” badge which he had to wear all day. But We took a day off and went shopping to Trafford Centre as a treat. So because he wasn’t at work to wear the badge I had to take a photo of him at Traffordd Centre wearing it. Here’s the proof:

Spent a couple of hours around there going to every shoe shop to try on shoes for him. We ended up getting shoes from the Sketchers shop (last shoe shop in the complex)! He bought two pairs and I bought one pair. We’ve decided that we love Skechers shoes! Mine will last for the next year if they’re anything like my previous ones. I still wear my previous ones as they’re comfy but they’re starting to fall apart a bit.

On the way out of Trafford Centre we went to the Mamas & Papas store where we bought a chest harness to carry the baby around in. I was going to buy a fabric sling but I gave in to the hubby’s request to get this one as he swayed me with the following sentence – “if I had one of these then what I’d do is come home from work, strap her in to this and take her for a walk with the dogs so you could have a nap and catch up on some sleep.” Well how could I argue with that?!

After Trafford Centre we went to hubby’s parents house for a Chinese banquet which was yummy! However it was the second time I had Chinese in a matter of three days – I went to see my Nain on Saturday and we decided to have a Chinese takeaway as she didn’t fancy cooking and I hadn’t had my hometown takeaway in ages! It was absolutely gorgeous!



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