Another pregnancy symptom is heartburn. I’ve never suffered from it before but I can safely say that I’m suffering from it now! But there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud and this silver lining comes in the form of sweets! Girls on the Facebook group have informed me that eating Love Heart sweets is better than any medicine available. I’ve always loved Love Hearts sweets (especially the white and purple ones) and now I have a medical reason to have to increase my intake! Or at least that’s my excuse! I was a bit sceptical of the advice but I thought I would try it out. This evening I had very bad heartburn – the worst I’ve felt it – so I stopped at the shop on my way to the bus to buy a packet. I ate 4 pieces and my heartburn subsided. It’s still there but not half as bad as pre Love Hearts intake.


I have found that you can buy a 2kg box of Love Hearts direct from the maker. I must admit that I am very tempted to buy a box. But my rational self is saying that 2kg will be way too much!

So, what do I do? Do I continue to buy small lots from the local shop or do I buy in bulk??


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