HELP! I Need a New Coat

Help! I Need a New Coat

Ok, ok the title might be a bit over-dramatic but honestly, I need HELP! I desperately need a new coat and I can’t find one. I’m looking for two different coats/jackets – I think. I’m thinking, I need a winter coat and a summer jacket. I recently posted about my experience of going clothes shopping and I still haven’t managed to go out again since that experience. Yes I still feel frumpy and no I’ve not stopped eating chocolate. Anyway I digress…

Winter Coat

Winter Coat

It’s a bit late for me to be looking for a winter coat now considering we are well and truly into Spring. So I may not be looking for a full blown winter coat but something that will keep me dry should the heavens open. I suppose I don’t want anything too heavy but yet I would like something long so it covers my trousers. There is nothing worse than getting to work in damp trousers! I’m thinking maybe a trench coat like the ones over at Aquascutum would be a good fit. They’re pretty stylish! (Men’s trench coats are also available at Aquascutum so maybe I ought to get one for the husbands…. a his and hers sort of deal?!)

Summer Jacket

Summer Coat

Summer is on the way and I’m thinking a trench coat might not be the best thing to wear during those hot days so I’m also looking for a lightweight summer jacket as well. But I’m stumped. I honestly don’t know where to look and really, don’t know what style I’m looking for either. I think a Summer jacket also needs to be waterproof because inevitably it will rain here in Snowdonia.

As I said in that previous post, I do struggle a bit with body positivity so finding outerwear that is comfortable and stylish has always been a problem for me. Which is probably why I’ve been wearing my Mam’s oversized fleece for so long! It hides all the bumps and lumps!

So if anyone has any tips for me of how to find a coat to suit me, please share below.

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  1. 25th May 2017 / 12:50 pm

    My husband bought a jacket for me, it fits great and I love it. I think I will ask him to get a coat for me too, because, as you, I have problems finding the perfect one.

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